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Hells -DU4 play together


At 20:00 PM
Choose the day .. 14 or 15 June
There are no obligations, who wants to participate and spend an hour to have fun
Mark your name under my ( in green )  ...... and reply with the copy paste, you do it before
I hope there is a good response from everyone.
Thx all 





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OOPS! :D Converted the topic to a clan war and then wanted to split the comments but instead i deleted the comments xD 

Sorry :mr-feel:



Anyways i converted the topic into a clan war record 

@Hawk You can click on the the little gear iocn on top next to clan logos and then to manage the clan war like date, time logos or whatever you want


I also added the clan wars block on the sidebar, this is a nice thing USE IT :) 

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10 hours ago, Hawk said:

Hmm cannot see any gear icon

And its not really a clan war, just a fun match


In this topic on first post a link says View full clan war click it and you will see its quite same topic but on top there is a banner with clan logs and information's just edit the topic from there and you can chnage the informations 


Clan war, fun match, whatever, same thing  I set the match to friendly not official


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