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HELLSHAMMERS is a multigaming community made by gamers for gamers. We are mainly Battlefield players. but we are always looking for good games to rent servers for, we also accept other genre of games. The community and HellsHammers FORUMS is a place where people and all our members can interact and have discussions about anything related to our community and servers.
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Being part of HELLSHAMMERS is being part of a group of people who enjoy gaming. We play for fun and have a high appreciation for our servers. We try to communicate with the world of gaming and to get to know people. We offer High quality game time, private servers , you can even have your own personnel TS channel with your friends.
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    Servus Leude !

    Hehey I just wanted to write a few things about myself and let you guys know who I am and so forth. My Name is Lukas , im 21 years old and currently im living in Dresden Germany . Im studying construction engineering and will not be finished before 2019 therefore i have a lot of time that i often times spend playing video games besides i enjoy having a good beer, hang out with friends and i am a coach for our american football youth team here in dresden , i used to play myself but cant anymore because of health issues. My favorite games are ,of course, Bad Company 2 ( if the rumours are true there is goign to be a BC3 i really hope EA doesnt F**k it up...) aswell as StarCraft 2 and some singeplayer stuff like Skyrim , old total war games etc. If there is anything else you would like to know either reply here or ask me if you see me on the teamspeak . Sincerely Lukas Fuchs
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    Lukfox's Membership Application

    we decided that a while ago
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    Lukfox's Membership Application

    Hello Lukas! Nice to see you here. So your membership status begins with Trial position and you will only be accepted after you reply to this post. Requirements to be accepted as a Full Member in hellshammers are the following requests Daily visits and at least 25 forum posts. Please remember in order to pass your trial membership you must be active especially in forums. [ LiveChat on our forum does not count ]. Introduce yourself in the Introduce Yourself section. Create a new topic Tell us about yourself. Discord promotes a fun environment while playing games and a good place to get to know other players, and we know that some players are not comfortable talking while playing games or simply never been using Discord, but it is really important for you to understand that we use it for many community activities for example team meeting or clan wars. https://discord.me/hellshammers You can also join our Battlelog platoon you will only be accepted after you reply to this topic please reply to this topic by writing: " Yes I accept the rules "