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  1. Strategy game series

    Series Total war, been its fan since first Rome came. Also played civ`s specily civ 4 and 5. But the best strategy game is easily Europa Universalis 4. it has the most depth of any its genre games. its really hard to start and first 4-8 hours u are really wondering is this my kinda game cos it seems so complicated. But when u get inside it u start to realise how good it is. Total War games Attila and Total War Warhammer are great games also, but not even come close to EU4 in depth.
  2. Our ARK server is online

    i dont have the game yet so i dont need to ask. Two kids so never thought about it. What about u ever asked yourself?
  3. Our ARK server is online

    Do people actually pay 30e for a game that has been early access for a year and new dlc coming even the game is not finished yet? U just need to read some steam reviews and ask yourself, u wanna be fucked in the ass by game industry once again? If u say yes then ask yourself am i homosexual.
  4. Our ARK server is online

    i gave u a like so u wont get sad
  5. Your favorite music

    Really looking this new album. Great riffs all around.
  6. BF1 what mode?

    If u pay HC server then fine, but dont come to beg my money to that shit. Its 60 healt in HC u dont even get it. How tha fuck can u? u even havent play the game. U dont know anything about the damage of the weapons. There is gona be so many one shot kill weapons in HC that its gona be a camping fest. But thats the way u wanna play? fine pay the server.
  7. BF1 what mode?

    Conquest all the way and normal as fuck. More popular and best players play it, including ESL players and twitch streamers. I like Operations but its just fucking campers everywhere with snipers. Most of these low life campers are not even bother to play objective, they just wanna snipe.
  8. Battlefield 1 review

    Angry Joe is the best youtube game review in my opinion.
  9. A very noice gift from Drunker

    i envy you Darya, but you definitely deserve that
  10. A very noice gift from Drunker

    i envy you Darya, but you definitely deserve that
  11. If you have trouble understand the different weapon variants check this out. Also if you are a geek like me and want to know everything about a weapon you are using remember to check symthic stats http://symthic.com/bf1-stats