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  1. Teamkill ban?

    I assumed the troll-face was enough to indicate sarcasm. <__<
  2. Teamkill ban?

    Well of course - What did you expect?
  3. Teamkill ban?

    You were muted and received fair warning prior to that mute. With that said, you should be able to chat again next time you log in - if not, throw another message and we'll fix it.
  4. lets play rust

    I would love to - However I have not got the time or energy to keep up a fort.... thesis needs writing in 3 weeks!!!
  5. bc2 server mixed STATS altered ....

    Hey Colosso - Here's a screencap from this morning: Please note that this information has been altered on my computer and in no way displays the actual stats on the HeLLs-servers. Not that colosso will read this as he will rage from the picture only.
  6. bc2 server mixed STATS altered ....

    Well he's already untrust-worthy with that CG and punishing (or trying to) when he's roadkilled from jumping the helicopter.... Seriously Colosso, if you're still bothering coming back to the forum to whine, NO ONE CHANGED ANYTHING - YOU ARE MISTAKEN AND WANT US TO GIVE YOU ADDITIONAL POINTS EVEN THOUGH IT IS (technically not, but practically completely) IMPOSSIBLE! If you want better ranking - PLAY MORE AND PLAY BETTER!
  7. Cablekiller's Membership Application

    welcome to HeLL(s)!
  8. BC2 Rush only

    I would like to point out that I suggested "nudging" people to not CG all the time - On infantry anyway <.<
  9. BC2 Rush only

    With all this said - It's nice to see the RUSH being welcomed by the players
  10. BC2 Rush only

    The reason I suggested losing souls as the only "punishment" is that it's not too invasive, doesn't change gameplay at all - it only nudges people in the right direction. Maybe do a -5 souls along with the "you're a real pro" taunt? Otherwise I think the server is great and no need to actually change anything xD
  11. BC2 Rush only

    But then you still destroy something and it wouldn't count... of course it might be too difficult to implement
  12. Nightshifts are hell(s)

    One thing is having the night hift, but why are all the lights off o.O
  13. BC2 Rush only

    Maybe just increase the sniper limit votes instead (7 or so as a minimum)? - sniperlimit is nice when you're attacking and all your team is sniping, but it can also be unfairly used to gain an advantage. And maybe do something about excessive RPG kills which have a tendancy to occur on rush maps? Say after e infantry kills without destruction or vehicle kills, rpg kills are punished (maybe losing souls, as to not punish harshly but encourage other strategies)
  14. Albion Online

    Nah - you can't move the camera xD
  15. Albion Online

    So, recently i purchased my way into the closed beta of Albion Online, and while the game is a bit grindy at times (as most other sandbox games) I find it to be quite a bit of fun. So I would suggest to ALL of you to start playing it (but watch some videos on youtube before hand) - We might even be able to form a guild to RULE the server? Oh and there will be 2 wipes of the servers before release in August - So don't get too comfortable in the game quite yet Here's a link: https://albiononline.com/en/