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    CS is life, CS is love.

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  1. It's has been a long time since I was online here. I was wondering if someone is still active...


    1. Landola59


      "Someone still active..." Most online in our website, 553 users, was couple days ago. So yeah we are still active. You have been inactive viktor so get ur ass back to TS and lets play some CS.

  2. Snus topic

  3. Sign up for clan wars!

    sign me up m8
  4. Lost connection to EA

    thats the i hate when ea, they dont care about their old games
  5. Toxx member app

    thanks m8! <3
  6. Clan Fight

    Does Hellshammers got some clans we can fight with on csgo, that would be fun.
  7. Hellshammers Takistan server

    is someone still playing arma 2?
  8. Screenshots

    even though im a noob its still fun
  9. Screenshots

    we should get to together a team and play some dayz
  10. Screenshots

    add me on steam: Toxx
  11. new steam private group

    add Toxx on steam im the clan
  12. What games....

    arma 3 or dayz are some good games to play with friends
  13. }{enrik_21 / Henrik

    omg henke
  14. Post your internet speed!

    jesus till jorden är kommen
  15. Post your internet speed!

    i dont want to scare you guys with my ping...... i need jesus