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  1. Best coffee ever!

    good god biggest spelling error ever
  2. Best coffee ever!

    I have my coffe black Like the color of my hearth!
  3. we need your help

    we went from verry poor to unsatisfactory Its like going from a tripple B to double B rating :')
  4. Your favorite music

    A friend of mine drums in this band, it has an appropriate title for the beer lovers here :-)))
  5. we need your help

    I did, but if you fear spam and own a google account: register by entering your email address and add +wot to it i.e. yourname+wot@gmail.com If you later receive spam to the +wot address you can easily filter it out.
  6. Your favorite music

    i saw him 2 or 3 years ago here in belgium, was fantastic!
  7. Your favorite music

    More majestic then this is hard to find rockon
  8. New PC Setup - my suggestion and yours

    if noise is your drawback then the GTX is better (2dB less) but this is logaritmic so almost half as loud. Also powerwise AMD consumes more. Performance is nearly the same at this time because of drivers, but you'll be more future proof. I found all this in a video
  9. To start the final day of the week! Old but gold, especially how it ends :awesome:
  10. New PC Setup - my suggestion and yours

    An I7 is not critical imo, I5 quad core does the job, for the rest i think you've got a nice config. So what is the endprice?
  11. New PC Setup - my suggestion and yours

    Lol now you are coming close to the setup i had in mind for myself 😃 But i do think with this Your more futureproof and 😉
  12. IMPORTANT: New website main page

    This is better... Otherwise i have no feedback atm
  13. New PC Setup - my suggestion and yours

    If you've got the margin i would indeed go for the better graphic card, otherwise you are just throwing away hard earned cash And if its economics 101, a dutch guy is always right Also for your SSD, go for a 240GB minimum. you did not indicate size, but we had 80Gb for our office PC's only to have it flooded straight away with the user profiles and office 365 that can only be on the main drive (you propably won't have this problem) but still its best to have enough margin!
  14. Your favorite music

    for the lovers making off praise abort