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  1. HeLLs Weight Watchers

    With my hobbit size of 155,5 cm (yes the half matters) I am going to win the shortest person contest I think.
  2. post your kitty/doge :3

    My doges Don't let the color & coat confuse, they are from working malinois lines, but officially registered as groenendaels
  3. Heyyy guys!

    And now I am back again. Last time I watned to be back, but my PC said now and did not boot anymore. That is now fixed and here I am. I mostly play BF4 still, so anyone interested please add me in Battlelog. I'm forever a n00b so keep that in mind. Is anyone active in TS anymore?
  4. Heyyy guys!

    First of all, I am sorry being away for such a looooong time. Being extremely busy as I got a new job, new apartment, new dog (she is not 10 months old so really annoying age :D) and also still trying to finish my school. Anyways, I have missed gaming lately so much so I had to come back. I don't know if any of you plays BF anymore, but is so, please just add me at Battlelog if you want to play Also some other games are ok if anyone is interested playing with complete noob. Also, as someone revealed, I am not a guy. I am not fan of making any big number of that, so I don't usually tell that but of course people tend to notice it when I start speaking in TS.. Anyways, don't let that bother you.
  5. Games you played as a child

    I used to play Giana Sisters and Donald Duck's Playground. Aaaand some super girly games like Riding Star. Also played Sam&Max, which was kinda hard cos I was not able to understand a single word of English back that day Also Chip's Challenge was one of my favs, the sounds were just too annoying.
  6. Heyyy guys!

    Hahah, you said it And when drunk I also talk waaaaayyyyy too much.
  7. Heyyy guys!

    Hahah, my hangovers last for decades, so when it comes to drinking, I gotta measure pros and cons... I also get drunk too easily, which is good for my wallet, but bad for myself
  8. Heyyy guys!

    So this is Liewecc. I'm 26, living in Finland. Started playing Battlefield 3 when it was released and still walking that road of bugs for some reason. Forever a noob, completely okay with that... just randomly crying myself to sleep because of that but that's none of your business and I don't want to talk about it. I like talking. Alot. I also like dogs. I have two of them, belgian shepherds. One is 7 years old, the other one only 3 months. :wub: Almost all of my hobbies include dogs somehow, which is the reason I am not always playing so much. The other hobbies besides my dogs are horseback riding, running, going to gym, cycling and fighting the urge to eat that chocolatebar after another. I never really got good at the last one tough, but hey I'm still trying.. Anyways, gaming is something I do if I have some time after other hobbies. And my relationship. Cannot really recommend those for anyone.. man they take so much time and then there are these complaintments about playing too much and not giving them enough time etc... Umm, dunno what you wanna know about me. Just ask. Cos after all, I like talking Feel free to talk to me at TS3 aswell. My English is not that good, but try to understand.
  9. My application

    Hey guys! I am Liewecc. Age 26, location Finland. Writing this because WhiteWolf told me to do so and also bored to play alone. Used to be (and still am) a member in NR and at the moment playing only BF4., previously played other too, mostly FPS still. I am not the most active gamer, as this is not my primary hobby, so you can count me as "forever a noob". Still a loyal platoon member, not abandoning clans tough sometimes having very busy in my real life (yeah, what is that?) so can have periods when not gaming at all. Playing for fun, never get rage-issues, completely accepted that I basically suck at games. Umm, that is probably all. Ask if you need more information.
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