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  1. DieHund's Membership Application

    Good luck for your trial!
  2. Jinxy's Membership Application

    Welcome my lovely new Team m8. Good luck for the trial!

    HeLLs League Of Legends player! If You are playing LoL at EuW server and want to join a clan HeLLsHammers, Add Me as a Friend in Steam and in LoL. Rank Doesn't matter we will take players from Bronze to Challenger, If We get enough players maybe we can play some games together at Team Ranked and see how it is going! My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/HeLLs_GraZy My LoL: MasterGuardian49 Instructions: First Add Me In Steam and in LoL and Send me a Steam message That you want to join in HeLLsHammers Team in LoL, After that you need to tell what is your name in League of legends because I will not be accepting random friend requests cuz I would like to keep my Friend list clean and be aware who is on my Friend list. After you have done all that I am going to Invite you in the team. Thank You!
  4. Your favorite music

    Nice one, imo
  5. Your favorite music

  6. Hellshammers » League of Legends Team

    I play some league but It depens of the day that do I play a lot or little. I am Silver V in promos ATM and I was Silver 2 in last season so.... My name is MasterGuardian49 in EuW.. so you can add me if want and we could play sometime if is interest.
  7. CS:GO - Live Stream and Matches

    Anybody watched World championships 2015 Asian Qualifer? http://www.hltv.org/match/2297575-thailand-china-world-championships-2015-asian-qualifier
  8. I hope cs go goes more popular than league of legends or Dota and stuff..
  9. GraZy's Membership Application

    Yes I accept the rules!
  10. GraZy

    Hey! My name is Jani and in games my name is usually GraZy. I am Fifteen years old and i'v played cs go a year. I am really active player. I like playing competitive games like Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Startcraft 2 and many other games. I Live in Finland, in city called Oulu. [i]My Steam: [/i][url="http://steamcommunity.com/id/123SubsCripe123/"]http://steamcommunity.com/id/123SubsCripe123/[/url] [u]Sorry if my english sucks but I think u are able to read this :)[/u] I have been in HeLLs Hammers once and i did left, because I thought that I have better changes to make a team in cs go... But no! I was wrong and my friends kind of drag me away from HeLLs. So one day I went outside and sit on a bench and started thinking... And finally my stupid brains understood that, It is my choice to make. So then i was more sure what i wanted to do, so I choose to come and try on HeLLs Hammers and I do not care what other people say cuz it will be my decision to make. Thank you all and peace!! And I have tryed beer btw, Not bad Not bad ;)