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  1. reviews and how tooo

    As sad it is you need like 1000 to get a stream at 360p and to the other comments, you just need 2,2mbts for a FullHD stream at 30 fps. i stream 720p with 1250 kbts and it works fine. If i have time i gona make a little Video about OBs and how you can stream with low internet. P.S. If you have like me a bad upload just let about 100-200 kbits oben for gaming. I can stream and have a good pin ingame.
  2. reviews and how tooo

    Hello my friends and enemys I ask myself ... i have so many peoples that come everyday with some PC oder Software problems to me... and i fix it. so i wana ask you guys if you would like to ahve someone who cares about youre problems at youre PC / Software. Well as you maybe saw i wasnt that aktive the last few months thats because of my work, many people were sick or something else.... well i would like to ofer you something, its easy ... as i know there are many Questions about Streaming/Hardware/otherstuff " to tired tosay everything...^^ would you like to ask the question and i answer it per forumpost or in a video like a how to ? if no its ok and if yes i would love to do that work and i would do that as my sidejob " cause damn i need to have something if i am finish with work "^^ Youre beloved Strubabert " and yes you love me you just dont know it now"
  3. Chatbox behaving

    I think this is a gaming clan nothing else. if you wana talk about that stuff... dont do it here. ^^?
  4. The jeepstuff guy needs some advice (GPU/computer)

    For the cheap spot a gtx 960 ssc Evga / R9 270 " atm best fps per dollar" if you can go a little bit higher i would say a Gtx 970 gigabyte g1 4gb / amd 390 " but i would more go with a Nvidia" also maybe a Cpu upgrade, youre cpu could stop a new Gpu at performance If you wish i could go trozgh some parts with you .
  5. ARK: Survival Evolved Server

    you dont need to reinvite you just need to fix it in the tribe manager
  6. ARK: Survival Evolved Server

    Could pls someone of the Hells tribe come online? Got a big problem here. My brother joined the server buzt to pickl him up with my bird he needs to be in the same tribe. So i left youre tribe. But now all of my stuff isnt mine anymore. Pls go to tribe manager and fix that .... or log in and reinvite me...
  7. ARK: Survival Evolved Server

    well what ever that dude is doing^^
  8. ARK: Survival Evolved Server

    ufff... the server is ok had my start problems " to many alpha spawns at my base^^" The only thing what you could change is that the server updates one time a day, i tried to play on the server for 2 hours. Every time i get in he restarts " 3 updateds today" and now its offline again for a restart " !!
  9. ARK: Survival Evolved Server

    Is there a webpage wehre i can see wehn that server is online?.... its offline again^^
  10. BF4 problems since 2 days

    after dwonloading siwtch youre browser and try to start it from another one. Battlelog has its problems. If youre Bf4 crashed its probably in youre Registery or maybe a fail in the config. For that i would recommend to search on the web. " or do it like i did" unistall bf and play some games that work.
  11. ARK: Survival Evolved Server

    well cant join the server^'^^
  12. fifafan192837465's Membership Application

    Welcome :0
  13. Elsen's Membership Application