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    all kinds of stuff but mostly gaming and doing weird stuff with my friends ingame :D
  1. tha chewbacca will be away some time

    hey guys i have some stress in RL atm so i cant stay in forum or teamspeak atm, you will maybe see me playing in steam but well.. i just wanted to let you guys know :C i dunno when ill be back but yeah we will see right see ya guys dont smoke too much jeepstuff
  2. Master of the Battelfield wont be available for 1 Week!

    cya m8 have fun
  3. BF4 problems since 2 days

    yeah rip me i redownloaded the game xD
  4. BF4 problems since 2 days

  5. BF4 problems since 2 days

    i posted at bf4 forums a guy answered with: delete or rename your bf4 folder in my documents and it worked ._: i can play again
  6. BF4 problems since 2 days

    didnt work out i hada gpu driver update... didnt work so. i was awake like some hours ago so i started the download of Bf4 and its finished so i should be able to play again ... but thx anyway if it happens again ill try these tipps again EDIT: still doesnt work ......................................................................................
  7. BF4 problems since 2 days

    the problem is that i love bf4 i play games like LoL, rust, dayz, World of warships and so on but i love bf4 so i want to be able to play it
  8. BF4 problems since 2 days

    Hey, i'm creating this topic because barzany told me too but i appreciate all tipps my problem, i closed my BF4 2 days ago shutdowned my pc and started it yesterday and after the loading screen i got a whitescreen and it said BF4 stopped working: -> so today i used the repair option in origin, didnt work. i updated punkbuster, i disabled origin ingame and i closed my firefox after it said logging in, nothing worked, this time it didnt even showed : BF4 stopped working, i dont know any other solution beside reinstalling the game.... i'm downloading with max 2.7 Mbits and bf4 has 25 gb and all the dlc are about 15 .... now ill look for driver updates maybe there is something... but i dont think so
  9. RUST server

    good names landola
  10. The jeepstuff guy needs some advice (GPU/computer)

    R9 270 is the cheapest one so far atm i'm choosign which on eof these 3 : R9 270,GTX 960 or the Asus Strix GTX 960 i guess ill read some reviews about the R9 270 and then decide for best price performance <3 ;D ty guys for helping me
  11. Special Gifts for members

    WoW dats nice thx for helping the community guys :3
  12. The jeepstuff guy needs some advice (GPU/computer)

    aight m8 ty very much :3
  13. Greetings from the Jeepstuff plantage

    we love you too barzany <3