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    Punching martial arts. BFBC2, rpg games, mainly games with great story/plot(if u like them too, pls write to me ur favorite, maybe u gonna change 20boring hours of pointless watching of net in amazeing adventure in world of fiction :) )

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  1. If you cant find, or you are not sure about some languages, you can just visit your native lang forum about foreign languages lerning etc.
  2. Hello SpectreHawk! We hope that you have a good time on HellsHammers, grab a beer and enjoy your stay! - "Cześć SpectreHawk! Mamy nadzieję że dobrze się bawisz na HellsHammers, trzymaj piwo i ciesz się grą! Hello SpectreHawk, we hope that you enjoy playing on HellsHammers and have a good time here! - "Cześć SpectreHawk, mamy nadzieję że dobrze się bawisz i miło spędzasz czas grając na HellsHammers" OR "Cześć SpectreHawk, mamy nadzieję że miło spędzasz czas grając na HellsHammers, życzymy dobrej zabawy!" <- That one sounds better for me. I can make some more "fun" and less formal version too xd.
  3. Suchy206's Membership Application

    He/she/it had "shemale" gender on forum if i remember good, then barazany went full nazi and left only male/female
  4. Your favorite music

    Sometimes, you can find something good inside something bad.
  5. Free games

  6. Bad loosers like to mute

    So you being in top 3 is the reason why there are "bad loosers" that mute you? Interesting. And i thought my english is bad. so if you are treated with such a lack of respect and you cant do nothing about it... Maybe... you just should Your skill and time are not worth being wasted with "bad loosers" in such "rude" servers.
  7. Your favorite music

    Simply amazing
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    !beer monstrs Welcome!
  9. Your favorite music

    Hollywood is ran by Jews, it's owned by Jews