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  1. Welcome around and good luck! Didn't know you were MjPr (since I recognize this name of yours) during our matches today where you played as Baruch Spinoza.
  2. SNTNL's Membership Application

    Welcome around mate!
  3. jeki's Membership Application

    Welcome around Jeki!
  4. Postaldude89's Membership Application

    Welcome around Marco! We are getting overrun by Italians as of late, aren't we?
  5. AsmA's Membership Application

    Aight, I couldn't find information regarding this but I'm 100% sure we used to go with "HeLLs[T" for quite some time. Thank you for clarifying it.
  6. AsmA's Membership Application

    Yep. Regarding this, especially:
  7. AsmA's Membership Application

    While I can't really recall your name, it seems you've made a good impression on the others. So, welcome around! You'll feel at home very soon. @BARZANY Is "HeLLs[T" for trials no longer a thing? It isn't mentioned in your post and I'm a little confused over it.
  8. Active Noob's Membership Application

    Welcome around mate!
  9. DamienDawn

    For some reason the servers are still up. Don't tell me he lied to us. He didn't, did he? Also, Edem right now: adam and family.mp4
  10. Origin WHITE POWER

    That's some serious clickbaiting here.
  11. Reetzweet abusing admin privileges?

    Wait, you do speak English? That's more shocking to me than any wrong decision by our admins could ever hope to be.
  12. COBRA-ITA's Membership Application

    Well, who would've guessed. Don't worry about not being around 24/7, that is perfectly fine. Your personal life and family always come first.
  13. I want to inform the sad news , unfortunately

    That is grim news indeed. I never got to know him personally, but I wish his family all the best. It does get better after some time. Cherish his memory until then and ever onwards.
  14. COBRA-ITA's Membership Application

    Welcome around! So we have our first female member in BC2?
  15. Skyrim Special Edition

    Play Enderal instead. It's a Total Conversion of the original Skyrim. And sweet Jesus, it's delicious. Here's a trailer to it. It's basically a completely new game in an upgraded Skyrim's engine. For free. In my opinion it beats Skyrim's story by a thousand miles. Combat is better, too. Excellent voiceactors included. Just give it a try. You definetely won't regret it. http://enderal.com/?lang=en It's available in both English and German btw. You may play with German voice and English subtitles or completely in English. Both versions are nice.