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  1. A new theme for hells?

    This would fit the general color scheme and the minimalistic approach: https://www.pexels.com/photo/lights-night-blur-traffic-8395/ Consider this nothing more than an example, not everyone will like it. But it's hard to find gaming related backgrounds that aren't copyrighted, pexels.com and unsplash.com don't offer many if them. Also added a screenshot so you don't have to add it into your code yourself.
  2. A new theme for hells?

    Really like the simplicity and minimalistic look of it! However, a different background (not just fifty shades of g(r)ay) would look better on it I believe. Right now it looks kind of plain. Player ranks aren't displayed in their respective colors. Columns are arranged in a weird way (aligned to the right; icons not arranged seperately); check screenshot for reference.
  3. A new theme for hells?

    No chatbox? Get the hell out. Also very disappointed with the Instagram button linking to your Invision page, not some nice tiddies. #3 for me, prefer it over #1 because of the contrast. Good job overall!
  4. Lukfox's Membership Application

    Do both. You might have to wait a little for the rules (your "Yes" to them starts the formal application) since our Mod managing applications is in the army atm and can't be online too often. In the meantime, please do let us know a little more about you.
  5. COBRA-ITA's Membership Application

    Congrats mate!
  6. Lukfox's Membership Application

    Welcome around!
  7. Suchy206's Membership Application

    Try https://www.deepl.com/translator , it is much better in translating complex sentences.
  8. Suchy206's Membership Application

    Adam = ladyboy confirmed
  9. Suchy206's Membership Application

    Oh shit, another sniper I'm not supposed to hammer because he's about to wear a HeLLs-tag. Just kidding, happy to have you around! (Until you are a full member I'll still hammer you all day erry day should you snipe me. )
  10. monstrs's Membership Application

    You've been around forever, was only a matter of time before you landed here. Welcome on board!
  11. Welcome around and good luck! Didn't know you were MjPr (since I recognize this name of yours) during our matches today where you played as Baruch Spinoza.
  12. SNTNL's Membership Application

    Welcome around mate!
  13. jeki's Membership Application

    Welcome around Jeki!
  14. Postaldude89's Membership Application

    Welcome around Marco! We are getting overrun by Italians as of late, aren't we?