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  1. Suchy206's Membership Application

    People here don't seem to like good snipers... we should rather team up and show them the dominant class
  2. Suchy206's Membership Application

    Well hello, buddy. Good to see you here have fun (getting hammered) I'll keep one close eye on you, as you seem to challenge my position as best sniper...
  3. Hello Hells!

    hi buddy
  4. PCW

    I'm interested as well. Depending on the date I'm in
  5. Feature request (CG/RPG Limit)

    Okay. I get it. Good Points
  6. Yo Guys As some of you might know; I hate the sniper limit but that's not the point. The thing I'd like to see is the same limit system for cg/rpg (maybe even 40mm) on inf, this should only be on inf since it would break the game if it also counted on tanks. I know I'm not the only one who's interested in something like this but are there any other opinions or objections to this concept? Further, I know that this means quit a bit if work for someone. Surprising I'm a developer myself, though I've never worked with BC2 I should be able to write it. Is that something that you want to see? Have a nice one Arcans (the guy with the GOL Magnum)
  7. Introducing myself

    Thanks a lot guys @BARZANY not really I have it now half a year and never had to clean it
  8. Introducing myself

    Hi everybody Since I'm one of you now I thought that you might want know some things about me.. Especially since you were awesome enough to make me an admin on BFBC2, which I highly appreciate. I'm Patrick, an 18 years old citizen in Switzerland. I'm a professional developer, but also do enjoy programming things and building computers personally. My latest build: http://www.overclock.net/t/1567522/gallery-build-log-wall-mount-rig-arcan-completed Aside from that I do watch a lot of movies and series, do exercise and well.. gaming? There's not much else that I love as much as I love to play BFBC2, but I played BF3, BF4, Minecraft, Portal 1&2 and C&C Generals. So if anyone else by chance happens to play one of this, I'd like to join (Except BF4, who would actually prefer it over BC2?). So that's basically me, thanks for the great times. If you think I could make myself helpful, feel free to ask... worst thing that could happen is an "accidental" team-kill. Patrick (Arcans) Just in case you're bored, this is my page: https://stillhart.biz
  9. Jo Guys People often tend - for some unknown reason - to write !hammer arcans. This made me wondering how do I compare to the others? The BFBC2 server has this awesome stats page but think it's missing this feature. A counter which shows how many times to got hammered - and maybe how many beers you already bought. What do you think about this?
  10. Arcans's Membership Application

    Thanks all of you guys, you really do have a great community. Yes, I'll join you on TeamSpeak in some point of time
  11. Arcans's Membership Application

    Thanks man , I appreciate it. Well today I had coincidentally one french speaking squad bro and he couldn't speak neither English nor German
  12. Arcans

    My name is Patrick I am from Switzerland would like to join because I freaking love to play on your BFBC2 server as well as I got some neat friends on there. Some of you, well hopefully, already know me.. or at least got smoked / knifed or recharged. I'm new to the clan but an old regular on the server - currently at place #20 but I think I can push me a little up I'm usually very active, at least in the in-game chat and generally very motivated. I do speak German as well as English and if for some fucked up reasons I could also speak French. Unfortunately I didn't get an invitation by anyone but I'm sure this is because I didn't asked. Dudes who could know me: Sluck<CZ> , P-Buddy, TheKing///Dodo, Angry Pitti, MarZ_SK, N1colasCage, Fanti1112, FESP-SK Well, I hope this works Have a nice day Patrick - Arcans