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  1. Bad loosers like to mute

    Did you get that new internet you were talking about for a year and half? Oh and you need to clarify: are you da best or only top3?
  2. Our ARK server is online

    Is stackmemore the one where metal weights nothing and stack up to 5k or one of those other stack mods?
  3. Our ARK server is online

    i am special, i have both games but bought neither of them. WildCard paid for them.
  4. Our ARK server is online

    Are you homosexual?
  5. DamienDawn

    does that mean that we are all rich?
  6. ARK Survival Evolved server

    you are talking to one
  7. ARK Survival Evolved server

    who wants to get fucked by Sotf pro?
  8. Battlefield 1 guide for weapons and gameplay

    bf1 didnt have hardcore? seeing first 30 seconds of that video, you posted assweat, with official wallhack was enough for me not to watch it further.
  9. Ban Appeal

  10. JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

    shouldnt this be in troll section?
  11. Special Gifts for members

    throwing away your bombvest
  12. Special Gifts for members

    i lost 0.5kg in last 2 days, now that is impressive
  13. BC2 Noobtubing

    Just write Colossus_furyan next to biggest noobtuber at the end of each round and problem solved.
  14. Special Gifts for members

    But edem was talking about key to his chastity belt not game key