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  3. I'm leaving HeLLs' CS:GO Team

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  4. I'm leaving HeLLs' CS:GO Team

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  5. Hi everyone! I guess some of you don't even know me but my name is Juhani and I'm 17-year-old boy and I live in Finland. I joined in HeLLs' CS:GO Team like 5 months ago and I was so excited. Finally I was in real team and I was able to play CS:GO with real teammates... Amazing! But then we started having some problems with each others. Everyone was only quarreling and flaming... then RpvMan left because he wasn't interested in playing CS:GO competitively anymore. I got depressed. WTF do we do now? We only have 4 players. Then I remembered that I got one friend who has a lot of motivation and alacrity. He joined in HeLLs and we could play again. Everything went perfectly but then Jebe a.k.a Perry left because he couldn't play with us anymore. He said ''I'm the person who gets everyone mad so it would be better if I'm not in this team anymore''. And one of GraZy's friends came to play with us. How are we doing nowadays? We're playing like 5 random russians in competitive. Sometimes Solttu gets mad and starts yelling to me a if I do something wrong in his opinion. He's really getting on my nerves... And I have made my choice. I'm going to leave HeLLs' CS:GO Team and start playing CS:GO and other games alone. It's not funny anymore to play with mates whom you have to endure every fucking day. Hate me or not but I wish best for you all. - Aloe
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