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  1. A new theme for hells?

    Also for me n. 1
  2. Ben_the_Gypsy's Membership Application

    Welcome mate! Is your player name in BF2 Ben_the_gypsy?
  3. Lukfox's Membership Application

    Welcome on board Lukas! see you in game
  4. also for me the first one!
  5. Suchy206's Membership Application

    I think that here someone is still waiting the post of his applications rules..
  6. Suchy206's Membership Application

    Welcome Michal! I'm glad to see you here.
  7. Bad loosers like to mute

    I was waiting for your reply to "your old friend" colossus
  8. Bad loosers like to mute

    yes, the best camper for sure.. Colosso, why you do not find another server for your "number one" vanity? We would all be better.
  9. Scruffy McScruff's Membership Application

  10. monstrs's Membership Application

    soon one of the moderators or leaders will give you instructions of your trial Monstrs!