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  1. Feature request (CG/RPG Limit)

    i dont like the idea of sniper limit but fuck if taman wants he will do it
  2. XML tags in ArmA3

    76561198078360426 CptDutch Motto: Qua patet orbis ("As Far As The World Extends")
  3. DU4 Requesting another clanwar!

    What server we would play in? Do you have /server/teamspeak so we can check who is playing? how many players can you get? How many matches? BO3? when? what time? We are always up for a fight!
  4. first few vids i seen i thought this looks shit but then you look on details and gun play it looks nice i do think the tank and planes look a bit more cartoony that tanks and planes in war thunder but gameplay looks good it. the gameplay and surrounding looks like red Orchestra 2 but ofcourse with more demolition. but we will have to wait in like 4/5 months we will see how its like
  5. Special Gifts for members

    cool thanks
  6. Cant find a Server(BFBC2)

    check if tou havent type for something
  7. i couldnt see stream samm anyone have link?
  8. HeLLs Weight Watchers

    wow im on 18% fat and 38% muscle and 44 % of whatever i geuss blood and water and bones
  9. HeLLs Weight Watchers

    okay so i wont win 195cm 88kg
  10. PCW

    count me in
  11. Chronicles of Elyria [KS]

    multiplayer or just single?
  12. DieHund's Membership Application

    dear marcel remember to reply to post that you accept the rules
  13. Special Gifts for members

  14. Jake aka Cpt.Dutch

    thanks guys