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  1. New website theme

    we allow to say shit here, that's new. feel sorry for the the team that has boo hoo members that doesn't give. what was the joke again?
  2. New website theme

    Come on guys, @BARZANY has done an amazing job to make an gaming theme and he has put allot of work into it and all I hear is boo hoo complaining about little things that's not important. If you want to support look for ideas and errors. Like for the heading top part, you have the box version or full width option.
  3. Battlefield 1 beta players

    That's hard lol
  4. Battlefield 1 beta players

    I don't have the time so that I'm out guys!! I wait till the game is out if I have the god damn money
  5. Whats Hells Fate?

    Yeah, agree also lol OMG lol
  6. Whats Hells Fate?

    yeah for above
  7. New Soldier : Atanakar

    yo yo yo yo yo
  8. DU4 vs Hellshammers

    damn, I thought this is for real, till I seen the date of this topic. OLD and has it not happened yet? I'm in since I got the game old chaps, so lets kick some nice bums. what?
  9. TeamSpeak Channels

    yep, another topic is now as spam topic, Great job
  10. BF Hardline HeLLs platoon created

    I don't have BF4 and only played the story in BF2 which is crap. I'm a BC2 and BF2 player here.
  11. Hi all :)

    full-time dubstep bumnuts people who haven't said welcome other then me
  12. elite00hun's Membership Application

    Welcome to hell
  13. Teazerzz's Membership Application

    Welcome to the land of the dead
  14. Is amazon prime worth it?

    Well, Netflix definitely has better TV show series to watch and whatnot, I want to watch the The Grand Tour