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  1. Bf4 Server Naval Strike

    I'm thinking about something else that I saw on a server, it's that they keep the exact same squad when the games end so if you're playing with some friends and the map change and you see that they're in a different team than yours and you can't team swap, playing with your friend is useless so it would be nice if a thing like that could be added to the server, but I understand that if the teams are not balanced it will make some kids cry very much
  2. Battlefield 4 XP BOOSTS OP

    Well, boat noob or not, he acctually broke the game, so ... My respects xD
  3. Battlefield 4 XP BOOSTS OP

    Wow , impressive !
  4. Well this week-end, on Battlefield 4, Double XP was active, and a wonderful option of BF4 is the "xp boosts" so you can have your xp multiplied by 25 / 50 / 100 / 200%, so if you calculate Double XP Week end plus 200% XP boost = 400% exp, each game i was taking approximately 250 K to 400 K exp that end up in 30+ levels in 2 days xD
  5. CS:GO useful websites

    In the last weeks I did a bit of trading on : https://csgolounge.com/ , I did very safe bets and did in-depth analisys for the two teams... I was betting with an Usp-s orion and an AK Cartel (~10€) , and I did ~35€ of benefits but I lost my skins, so with my profits I purchased an AWP Hyper Beast that looks totally sick and some othe pretty cool skins, so as DeadPain said, go on http://www.hltv.org/ and some other websites that you'll find on the web to inform yourself on the teams, place safe bets and you'll make some good profits like me... Enjoy !
  6. OMG I didn't know about this monitor comming out, well i can't afford it but it seems so cool !!
  7. Imo AlienWare is a waste of money, you can build your own pc with the same specs for a lot less, you only pay the the brand... And a 1900$ monitor that isn't even 144Hz, that made me laugh xD
  8. HeLLs are cheaters

    When you meet russians on a game, the only words you have to know to have a good meeting with these fools are : " cyka blyat" xD
  9. Hellshammers » League of Legends Team

    Well I play League too, i was Silver 2 last season, got ranked Bronze 3 in S6 like 3 days ago, I don't play as much as I used to but i'm heading to Gold this season. Jungle and Top main, my best champs are Rengar & Lee for Jungle and Nasus / Shen / Jax for Toplane, my name is KobaltFR on EUW Server, so if you want to play , just add me. There you go guys x)+
  10. Busy as Hell (get it? )

    This troll, rofl
  11. Piece of advice on games prices

    Yea thanks mate i didn't saw the " - " between Instant and Gaming lmao
  12. Hell o

    Well this name isn't very creative too ... xP
  13. Piece of advice on games prices

    I know some other websites where you can buy CD Keys for Steam , Origin etc... www.G2A.com Although it's not the best... www.Instantgaming.com There you go !
  14. Post your wallpaper!

    Yea , when I saw this wallpaper I was thinking that this reflects all the imagination a kid can have and this this beautiful ! I saw this on this video x) :
  15. Post your wallpaper!

    Here's mine , acctually : http://byzwa-dher.deviantart.com/art/ADVENTURE-TIME-492242713 Otherwise I like to have some Wallpaper of the Galaxy, looks beautiful !