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  1. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    hey man whatsup , welcome back , sry i dont login to skype , maybe its been a year if not more .. how is life? so far @GERElliot and @sTn1337 and some others are playing , there was also @Helvetios and @N1colasCage but they are getting rekt by swiss army .. i also bought the complete edition of the game , played for maybe 20 hours then got bored of it , way to claustrophobic for me ..
  2. Reven i see you disturbing people everyday .. dude one day ill say no more chances and ill kick u , 1st time it was landola , 2nd time it will be me .. enough with your BS
  3. ok let @Hawk investigate and see the reason of the ban and also which admin was it? even i say ez when i even lose a game lol ,, its not something u get banned for it .
  4. Clean your keyboard

    Always clean your keyboard kids .. 20170504_223612.mp4
  5. Clean your keyboard

    its a virus that has nuclear warhead codes in it , when u download and execute it will send and trigger also breach the firewalls of RU US AND NK then trigger the nuclear warheads from your computer then you will become famous and will be identified as conqeror also destroyer of the worlds so am doing u a favor
  6. Clean your keyboard

    my momma would burn my keyboard and PC if she have found out about it ..
  7. Your favorite music

    @BARZANY u uneducated prick , you know any culture of your own nation and other things? or only thing you do is blame your own nation for your stupid life decisions
  8. Your favorite music

  9. Our bf1 platoon is read

    please join .. when in menu click platoon to your left tab , then find platoon and type , Hellshammers Gaming
  10. BF1 Spring update

    its hugeeeeeeee "Trump" i mean its huge update really , platoons , game mechanic changes and server admin controls .. for notes : https://www.battlefield.com/news/update-notes/spring-update
  11. Your favorite music

    Put on your headphone
  12. i do that everyday dont worry
  13. Friendly BC2 Play Together

    Can u handle our trolling and dark humor?
  14. Friendly BC2 Play Together

    @AsmA @Hawk and hi red whats up
  15. DICE Community SQDM Tournament

    dude its not DICE of course rofl .. u think dice have time to care about bc2? its just you guys shouldnt say dice sponsoring us , man am over 30 years old , we aint a kid here we r all grown ups .. but i said let hawk take care of it even if its fake why not participate , arent we here to have fun?
  16. DICE Community SQDM Tournament

    @Ptuch i deleted your other topic , please do not double topic in our forums it will cause confusion
  17. DICE Community SQDM Tournament

    there is nothing to lose if we able to join whether its fake or real .. so @Hawk you can take care of this since its bc2?
  18. ARK Survival Evolved server

    atleast we are sure now EA retards wont briing back RSP into new upcoming bf series .. idiots