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  1. StalkerMarcon's Membership Application

    welcome stalker
  2. Cheater on your server

    BARZANY lol that hurts my feelings being a jetwhore hahahaha but sometimes dude theres a boat camping on base not moving just shooting passive or tv to jets and being untouchable by other boats..so jet will attack and then they will say its baseraping while theyre base camping
  3. Cheater on your server

    wappe is good guy if you are good to him..and he is a really good pilot..maybe you started saying badwords he doesnt chat that much when im playing with him.
  4. wackk1off's Membership Application

    wazzzup wack
  5. Introduce Myself (Ridii2)

    hello there..i played with you earlier sorry i JDAM u lol
  6. New maps in BF4

    this will not happen..there will be no more new content in BF4..DICE LA no longer support CTE,i guess they move forward to BF5
  7. Hello HeLLsHammers

  8. Hello HeLLsHammers

    looool no i will not wtf? hahahaha that time i just shot you i didnt kill you,someone killed you not me haha and sometimes i cant move its either they have more tickets or more player. and im not getting mad when someone calls me a hacker it actually makes me feel good lol and im just having fun with them whoever is calling me a hacker but im not getting mad..and when someone is better than me i dont care ill try to fight or just wait for my good turn and yes i do say some bad words fight with some players it happens to you also right?..i only hate sh3nona for real and you know that coz hes not fighting fair he will do everything to shot me down on a not fair way like i told you before every pilot enter the server hates sh3nona coz hes a pain in the butt. this broke my heart too
  9. Hello HeLLsHammers

  10. Hello HeLLsHammers

    Hi im Ven from Qatar,not a Qatari tho (Origin Name Torny_Sterk) Im 7 years old thats why i cry a lot in chat in BF4 lol jk im 26 years old I only play battlefield 4 and hardline,i quit bf hardline bcoz it sucks lol and im a jet whore in bf4 always getting accused of hacking/cheating i have youtube channel i have few videos to prove that im not hacking/cheating. just ask for my youtube channel if you want to see. and wheres RPGONINFANTRY? it says in BF4 server if i want to be admin i should contact RPGONINFANTRY but i think he will not let me coz i always rekt him! lool Cheers guys!
  11. RalphBecker's Membership Application

  12. New secret in BF4

    maybe its the photoboot or light switch? theres only phone box in final stand DLC and its for Phantom assignment its like an iphone box
  13. Pdr53's Membership Application

    Congrats PDR53
  14. Torny_Sterk's Membership Application

    i just followed u
  15. Torny_Sterk's Membership Application

    thanks guys! so happy to be part of Hells Family