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  1. cs go ranks

    Supreme Master First Class. Mostly playing esea.
  2. Hello people!

    Dunno My friend invited me to HeLLs team and now im here and thank u.
  3. Hello people!

    No, i dont have wolf print t-shirt
  4. Hello people!

    Wilma is girl/women name in finland
  5. Hello people!

    Thank u
  6. Hello people!

    Waltraud wtf
  7. Just testing p2000 Edited by my friend who have just started to edit.
  8. My first rank was gold nova master and now i am supreme. Started to play end of summer 2015.
  9. Hello people!

    I am already in HeLLs team
  10. Hello people!

    No i havent ever player battlefield Im only focusing to play cs:go.
  11. Hello people!

    Hi guys! Im Teemu "Fr0st" Neulaniemi. Im from finland and im 18 years old guy, who likes to play lots of counter-strike: global offensive. Ask me questions if u wanna know something about me!
  12. Fr0st

    Hello! My name is Teemu "Fr0st" Neulaniemi. I like to join because im playing counter-strike: Global Offensive in Hellshammers team.