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  1. Hi all :)

    Heya, welcome to the club of hell ! Oh i mean Hells ;D MfG Dog
  2. Haha true, the jetwhores cant be there, because no jets. As i saw the planes flying i thought; The programmers must have been high, while they programmed the flight speed Its so slow, but maybe its more realistc, since the planes back then had a average speed of 180-200km/h~~ Still it will be awesome i guess! MFG DieHund
  3. BFBC2 Rush only server (BANNED)-Again?

    Wont do that again x) Thanks buddy
  4. I really do like the thematic of WW1, moreover the tanks are looking really great! But i am much more excited about the plane battles, thats something i do really miss in BFBC2! Iam looking straight forward to buy the game, when its out for about a month or so, so i can take a better look on the game at all. In addition they maybe do a bit more balance between tanks and inf. Tanks need to be more strong, in my opinion, so they are a more worth objective to play with. In BFBC2 you just need 2 C4 to blow up any tank and 1 mine(3-4 RPG´s). If this ratio would be increased for like 1,25-1,75 it would be a really good gameplay i guess MFG DIeHund PS: Lets just see, epic battles will come anyway, like in any Battlefield series!
  5. Hey guys, i let a friend of mine play, and is it seems i was banned for 3 days. Dont know exactly what happened, therefor so i accepted the three day punishment.After this three days by now, iam banned for 10days? So it would be a pleasent act if you could unbann me Reason: -175 Points, 3 Punishments .... Sorry that this happened MFG DieHund
  6. Cant find a Server(BFBC2)

    Yeah i tried like by now 150x to login and logout I still cant find a server, this makes me somehow mad Just wanna fly Apache I re-install the game later this evening, maybe this will help.. MFG DieHund
  7. Cant find a Server(BFBC2)

    Theres no specific search option, like rush e.g, which i have choosen. If i click on my "Favorite" list, there are server shown, but these are grey. For me it seems like that iam not connected at all to the BFBC2 Server.. Mfg DieHund
  8. Hey guys; so since a few day´s iam just not able to find any server. Does anyone else do have a equal bug ? Like i can log-in e.g. but then if i go for server search it is just a empty list. Cant find anything relatable on google for my issue... Mfg DieHund
  9. Introduction :D

    Haha iam from Cologne in NRW, Germany. With easy person i mean a quite chilled one ;D I love to philosophy about physics, nature, metaphysik, didaktik and so on MFG DieHund
  10. First thing you do every morning?

    Haha iam so awake in the morning because i do the push ups, forcing yourself once, then it keep getting easier MFG DieHund
  11. BFBC2 Rush only server (BANNED)

    Yow iam unbanned on one server, but not on the other one
  12. BFBC2 Rush only server (BANNED)

    we will see that on the next level of gaming
  13. Since my first threat was in the wrong section here again; Played on the Rush only server and i got banned because i leaved the game with -370 PTS, which i got because i flyied(as usual) and people were jumping out and killing theirselves So if you could unbann me, that would be sweet as hell, hehehe... MFG DieHund
  14. Hey guys, i just played by now a few minutes on the server at Atacama Dessert. So far so good, flying heli, as usual, and then people jumping out midflight so i teamkill them... Having 4 Teamkills (-370Pts) so recieved a banntime of 7 days. Would be a fair play if you could unbann me, because iam not certain if i have done something wrong, like i cant do something if crazy people jump out while i dodging rockets and they get teamkilled MFG DieHund
  15. First thing you do every morning?

    Waking up gently and then getting on to do some push ups, after this its coffee time not one or two more likely three -because coffee is love and life and enjoying the silence After this ,right now, i go for my internship All doing between 5a.m when at work 7a.m