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  1. *waves* Howdy!

    It was the chef with a knife, in the kitchen. Mhmm.
  2. *waves* Howdy!

    That's one hell of a question One could say I was born in it, molded by it. I'm also quite the rum-drinker, how about you?
  3. *waves* Howdy!

    RuneScape #noshame #okmaybealittle
  4. *waves* Howdy!

    Howdy! I've been playing BF4 somewhat more lately, figured I'd pop in here to get to know all of you more I'm 24 years old from The Netherlands, I'm a bit random at times but I guess it's ok, my mom says I'm spehciul. Other than that, I run a 110 man clan on a completely different game so I'll be on/off switching between each game. If you got any questions, you know the drill *wave*