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  1. HellFromSky's Membership Application

    Na not really
  2. HellFromSky's Membership Application

    Na not really
  3. HellFromSky's Membership Application

    Hey and welcome to HeLLS Ali, CoolToxic here, using this name in BC2 and here.
  4. BC2 with hawk

    Hmm mayby play some BFBC later today
  5. My laptop!

    It's just beacause I travel alot that I want a laptop so i can play.
  6. Now are the countdown almost over.

    Just 2 houers to vacation :beer:

    1. empire


      funny also, I just read this and you posed this about 2 hours ago, :P 

    2. eX-DariuS


      been 2 years without vacation . i wish i was you

    3. empire
  7. fun commands in our BF4 NAVAL server

    Shuold have some HeLL only comand if thats possible
  8. My laptop!

    No problem man
  9. fun commands in our BF4 NAVAL server

    Mayby me or @GERElliot can ask at a server where we see it
  10. My laptop!

    Well befor anyone is complaining let me just tell you what I have ASUS ROG G752T Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ 8 GB DDR4 RAM 256 GB SSD + 1 TB WD 7200 Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M 3 GB 17,3" screen or 42" Samsung if I want WIN 10 Home Logitech G502 Gaming mouse Logitech G903 Headset ging to update it to an G933 in a near future.
  11. brotherofbravo's Membership Application

    Welcome to HeLL, play hard and fair and let's have some fun
  12. Well just three days to go, then it's four weeks wonderful holiday
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MadSwedishChef


      No it's so focking nice.

      Can play some more BF4 and BFBC2 :troll:

      Well going to help my parents with thier house one or two weeks so I'm having pretty much to do.

    3. BARZANY


      enjoy your holiday 

      level up 

    4. MadSwedishChef
  13. First thing you do every morning?

    That's a while
  14. First thing you do every morning?

    Well having a server that haven't been restarrted in the last two years
  15. post your kitty/doge :3

    lol the first qoute did not work.