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  1. Headshoots

    Okej strange but my longet headshot in BF4 is 1561.79
  2. Headshoots

    What is your longest headshot on BF4? You can see my longest in the signature.
  3. Teazerzz's Membership Application

    Welcom to HeLL Teazerzz. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  4. brotherofbravo's Membership Application

    Welcome to HeLL m8
  5. fun commands in our BF4 NAVAL server

    !beer and !whisky
  6. ONEMANARMY's Membership Application

    Welcome to HeLL m8
  7. BC2 Procon access #2

    Yes plz Hawk.
  8. WOT Players???

    I laughed until I get tears in my eyes and pain in the stomach.
  9. Bf4 server is runing

    It is fun to see BF4 server up and that it is full almost all day, then there are bad apples that play's is impossible to escape. Now I do not mean Clan comrades. All this is possible thanks to Bobo, a big thanks to you. Over and out
  10. 1 month ban BC2

    If you kill your teammates, you are violating the rules. No matter if thay are camping or not. Over and out.
  11. BF4 Server

    Cant open that site :(
  12. BF4 Server

    Bobo is my gratest brother and the only broter I have. Love him alote
  13. Your favorite movies.

    I can only agree with that
  14. Your favorite movies.

    I also like inside out and all the die hard movies
  15. Your favorite movies.

    I like this movie