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  1. BC2 with hawk

    Downloaded the game, played yesterday 1 match after 3 years not playing and damn that game is hard. I think it's because almost every player are veterans and unlike BF1 where most players are COD nuubies
  2. GTX 1060 Build

    Why the 850 EVO what's wrong with the 750 EVO
  3. Origin Account ID's(BF1)

    i added you all here is mine: HellFromSky
  4. GTX 1060 Build

    I made a new list what do you guys think. And is it possible to put windows on it trough usb because i don't want to waste money for something i will use only once
  5. GTX 1060 Build

    This one looks good and supports ddr4 https://www.alternate.nl/MSI/Z170A-PC-MATE-socket-1151-moederbord/html/product/1216158?lk=18425
  6. GTX 1060 Build

    How about this one it got really good reviews https://www.alternate.nl/Sharkoon/WPM600-Bronze-600-Watt-voeding/html/product/1053693?
  7. GTX 1060 Build

    How much watt do you recommend for this build ?
  8. GTX 1060 Build

    It's a bit expensive maybe you guys know one around the 50-70 price range. and where can i find where its says it supports ddr4
  9. GTX 1060 Build

    Hi guys, So i'm finally getting rid of my 3 year old laptop and going to build a destkop. I did some research and found this build i think it's good and will get me the ultra settings on BF1 on 1080p monitor. i hope all the parts are compatible. Not sure if i will get the 60hz or 144hz my budget isn't big so an gtx 1070 isn't an option. If someone has any tips please comment it
  10. Battlefield 1 gameplay videos

    nice gameplay
  11. Find me a small light mouse?

    go for the razor death adder best gaming mouse there is.
  12. Bara81's Membership Application

    Welcome bara, see you on the battlefield
  13. New Commander

    Starting next month with the same study as you at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen.
  14. Snoen90's Membership Application

    Hi man good to see that you followed my advice Hope to see you on teamspeak so i can finally talk with my fellow dutch man.