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  1. Battlefield 4 XP BOOSTS OP

    All casual scrubs here
  2. Help me translate

    But we already have a german subculture in here dont ignore us :(
  3. HeLLs Community Gaming Weekend 23-25.10

    Bf4 Community Reactivated
  4. Make a short intro about hellshammers

    Yep but Philip with is accent would be funny also
  5. Post your internet speed!

    200mbits per sec GlasPhaser GG
  6. Best BF4 emblem for hellshammers :P

    No but in my opinion the same one only in red but actually i created my own custom emblem so i dont care
  7. Best BF4 emblem for hellshammers :P

    What about we make a poll
  8. Best BF4 emblem for hellshammers :P

    well for camo maybe yes but not as emblem
  9. Best BF4 emblem for hellshammers :P

    Very Nice but have u thought about another colour? I like the Red one more
  10. Just wanted everybody to know that i wont be here next Week cuz i´m on Vacation in Croatia! So i hope u guys dont fuck too much up while í´m away ( i remember last time -.-) and i´m sure that u will enjoy ur Pair-free Time So Cya all in 1 Week s !
  11. Special Gifts for members

    Congratz Guys u deserve it! s
  12. Bf4 Community War Tommorow!

    STREAM! http://www.twitch.tv/ferentx0