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  1. BF4 Hell Event idea

    And where should one give his Steam Account link then having a bit a hard time finding my way arround on the website. Btw this is my steam account http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198309226668 Also when i get my new PC and get rid of this sheit laptop i'm probally gonna try this game called Squad http://steamcommunity.com/app/393380 heard alot of good about it folks calling it love child of Battlefield and Arma basicly BF controls and simplicity on Arma gameplay . And offcourse i'll play BF1 i might also try few other games like Rust or so even maybe try streaming on twitch maybe not sure about that last , so yeah big plans hope shit get's through and i finally get this proper setup and can do some serious gaming with you gents and lady's . PS: forgive me for any grammar mistakes
  2. BF4 Hell Event idea

    also i noticed theres no HelsHammers group on Steam
  3. BF4 Hell Event idea

    well last month has been absolute sheit this maybe gonna get a new strong pc but nothings for sure playing replaying PlanetSide2 now its becomen alot better then i remember
  4. BF4 Hell Event idea

    let me know when ya get 64 folks together
  5. BF4 Hell Event idea

  6. BF4 Hell Event idea

    i'll just call the dude ask him and btw To disable your UI, hit your tidle key and write "UI.DrawEnable 0". To turn it back on, write "UI.DrawEnable 1"
  7. BF4 Hell Event idea

    Copy im kinda hesitating installing ts again cauz my laptop crashed last time so ima go first to the guy who fixed it and ask him if i should reinstall
  8. BF4 Hell Event idea

    Perhaps we should start a group chat on FB cauz forum and battlelog arent chats
  9. BF4 Hell Event idea

    Perhaps ill set a few weapons rules xD
  10. BF4 Hell Event idea

    Like i speak dutch im from belgium well put all those who speak dutch in my squad ((one squad is 5 men including squad leader)) and i'll take care of them
  11. BF4 Hell Event idea

    Well we could put all those who speak german for example in squads together and have their squad leader speak english and german
  12. BF4 Hell Event idea

    But no irnv or flir cauz thats just cheap alternative of spotting
  13. BF4 Hell Event idea

    So to do list get 64 clan members on server get them all on TS put them in individual squad channels tell em to all turn there UI fully off and set the rules and tell them to remember bad stuff and pay attention for review afterward
  14. BF4 Hell Event idea

    Copy lets first do a round few round without ui see what folks prefer HC or Normal mode but lets do predetermine the squads and make individual ts channel per squad and maybe im asking youre opinion about this we set a rule that its tactical playing not like normal match running around cauz otherwise its gonna be a shitfest esspecially on HC where tk is possiblr so id prefer setting a rule of approaching in a squad and and working methodical as a team so people get its about realism and no flir or irnv scope