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  1. Hello everyone!

    Welllllllllllllllll......did i see a mention of beer.....cany beat a freezing cold beer...then another...and another...go for a pizza...then go home and tell the wife your the boss..only to be laughed at...lol
  2. GTX 1060 Build

    The 850 evo is faster with read and write speeds and to be honest if you shop around you will pay only a few bucks more for the 850 evo than the 750..what hawk and barzany are doing is future proofing you so that in a year or 2 your not having to go out and buy something else because its too old... all you need to swap out in gpu..but if all you can budget for is the 750 go for it bud...not a massive diffrence..
  3. GTX 1060 Build

    I would stick to what barzany and hawk both said...mobo you cant cheap out on...and psu nothing less that 550...modular if you can..8 gig of ram to start you off.. after a few month stick in another 8 gig of ram.....you could go the other way round...amd..but to be honest unless your upto date with overclocking the shit out of an 8350...with proper cooling...its not worth it...so best going with what hawk and barzany said..hope this helps mate.
  4. GTX 1060 Build

    Yip barzany is right...yip should go for asus sabortooth...good board..
  5. GTX 1060 Build

    That all looks really good mate...sure you will have no problem getting ultra with this rig...i would tho look for a strong psu tho..just for head room tho...that heatsink my friend just added another fan to it..to make it push and pull and it was great...
  6. First to fight

    Very true but we will never be defeated... they tryed and failed so many times..
  7. First to fight

    Did someone mention the army of scotland...
  8. I want to inform the sad news , unfortunately

    Wish his family all the best and peace...never had the pleasure of speaking to him but from what i can see he will be surely missed...RIP
  9. Well hello guys!

    Welcome...see you on the battlefield..and on teamspeak.
  10. Sgt.pooface's Membership Application

    Hey man...rhf....good luck with the trial..
  11. people playing battlefield 4

    Server is now running water maps only...
  12. Who is all getting battlefiled 1

    @Hawk that will be a yes then hawk...well defo get the game now...lol
  13. Who is all getting battlefiled 1

    Think i will get bc2 aswell...really cheap..couple of my friends still playing it..
  14. Who is all getting battlefiled 1

    By the looks of it the game looks great...but not over 100 bills great..lol..defo just getting standard and play the shit out of that...what about bc2 is that game any good...see there is still alot of players playing that..
  15. Who is all getting battlefiled 1

    Cheers.. That is a good price @Reetzweet...just paying for premium... Last i looked they wanted over 100 bills...am like fuck right off...mabe wait till premium comes down in price...