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  1. monstrs's Membership Application

    Bro i didnt hide anything i just read in his post that his name is Jake thats all
  2. monstrs's Membership Application

    Hi Jake, nice to see u on forums aswell, u think you can tell us a bit more about yourself? Are you studying? Any hobbies?
  3. Hells -DU4 play together

    Hmm cannot see any gear icon And its not really a clan war, just a fun match
  4. Scruffy McScruff's Membership Application

    Can we get Scruffy his membership already please?
  5. Friendly BC2 Play Together

    Sure, it was fun last time, we didnt play serious, i enjoyed that
  6. This is ridicoulos how much of time is spent arguing about this. Reven, please do no more than mute on this, its okay to write easy in chat, even after end of round, its not a big deal u muted him, i kind of understand you but u see what kind of shitstorm it created. unless someone is saying bullshit in chat every 10 seconds or is directly insulting someone it should be ok to write in chat without being muted. unc4ged, stop behaving like a child, if you keep calling admins noob and tell them to stfu then you deserve the perma mute. you are not either muted or banned now, so lets keep it that way PS: If you get kicked, its usually only 2 minute mini ban so u cant join back right away
  7. Clean your keyboard

    u want me to DL a video, jsut tell me what happens there i am not downloading it
  8. Friendly BC2 Play Together

    Me too, but no mods pls
  9. Yes it was fun to play in non serious way, although it was a bit weird because almot all hells and du4 were on same side and still were losing all he time
  10. Thats why the server will be open, so it remains full, its just a fun match nothing serious, im sure they will understand