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  1. Kanelbullah

    Moe like a C4 engineer Welcome man
  2. my POV @weavii @ONEMANARMY
  3. I have many clips of some nice shots or just funny/unlucky stuff from BC2 so i will keep posting it here, feel free to post too
  4. Years of practice when you look at video again, there is a small black spot on the side of the hill, use that to make a jump
  5. OverBoxer's Membership Application

    Reven kouka na pokemony?
  6. Your favorite music

    from Top Gear tv show... they have some good music in there, in grand tour too
  7. Your favorite music

    Found this gem thx to Logan Lucky movie
  8. A new theme for hells?

    Hmmmm not sure, it looks too simple i think. I like the current dreadnought theme
  9. BC2 server new IP

    @AsmA It looks like the server havent disappeared from the favorites so tahts good news but the IP has changed - but i dont think it will affect you guys in any way
  10. BC2 server new IP

    Dear customer,To be able to provide you with the best performance on both hardware and network level, we've decided to migrate over to a new facility.The new Frankfurt facility contains our latest hardware and network architecture for the most optimal experience.The window in which we will perform this work is:2017-01-16 9 AM UTC (10 AM CET) - 2017-01-16 5 PM UTC (6 PM CET) Your IP and port will change, all other settings will remain as they are.Our support desk will be available for any questions or concerns during the maintenance window.Best regards,JeroenContact: Telephone & Ticket at i3D.netHelpdesk open Mon - Fri 08:00 - 24:00Helpdesk open Sat - Sun 10:00 - 18:00
  11. BC2 server new IP

    What this means: server will disappear from your favorites, make sure to use the search function to find the server in "All servers" ingame
  12. Your favorite music

    She died today.
  13. I will be adding all the new videos in this playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdFL7BD2rP8dzr08eLMCNu5eGY6c96tAP if someone finds it more convenient to browse
  14. Not exactly what you ahd in mind, but happened today
  15. chatbox

    I think chatbox is enabled only for certain member groups, i think barzy can add hells friends to see chatbox
  16. [BC2] Weapon Challenge Signups

    It was a good idea, but most of us have only like 1-2 hours per day to play. But we can do this sometime in future, so i wont delete it.
  17. When the heli is lined up properly, i make a kill 70% time, its rly not that hard once u get the hang of it I will have to look for that, i did it a few times but not sure if recorded. but its a fun way to kill a sniper
  18. Well, if you dont play, cant be in a video can you...