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    Hardcore music and cars
  1. Postaldude89's Membership Application

    Welcome marco!
  2. AsmA's Membership Application

    Welcome! Will see u ingame
  3. Active Noob's Membership Application

    Welcome! Will see you online soon!
  4. Hello everyone!

    Welcome nice to see a new face
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    Welcome goodluck!
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    Thanks man! Looking forward to play more with you guys!
  7. Well hello guys!

    Hehe it is hard riding
  8. Well hello guys!

    Thanks boys
  9. Funny videos

    He is really entertaining yes i agree!
  10. Well hello guys!

    Ohyehh that ass u see there, thats my girlfreind haha
  11. Well hello guys!

    Well i am sgt. Pooface, i recently got accepted in ur clan wich i am verry happy about! I am 21 years old live in the netherlands i got a few hobbys wich include working on cars (tuning styling and preformance) picture of my car included! i also love hardcore, this plays a big role in my life go to party's almost every weekend ive worked in the army for 2 years i was a soldaat 1st klasse wich is private first class i think in us army terms i quited this job because our army doesnt give me the promises they made to me and i had some medical issues. Im currently working on my truck drivers lisence and im working in a factory in shifts well that was most of it if u got questions dont be afraid to ask and i will speak u guys on teamspeak soon! steam : wesseldj1 (if i renember correctly)
  12. Sgt.pooface's Membership Application

    Yes i accept the rules
  13. Your favorite music

    https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=qJJk_gAK73U deffenatly frenchcore and most of the other core subgenres for me, gabber til the death
  14. Sgt.pooface's Membership Application

    I'll be waiting hawk
  15. Sgt.pooface's Membership Application

    Its a honnour to have such positive comments thanks guys! Looking forward to speak u guys haha