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  1. Kanelbullah

    Here you need a crazy one! which uses c4
  2. you know how many times I try to mount them over and I can't climb damned, just with a quad or a Jeep. Now I really understand the importance of Ping!
  3. Your favorite music

    Great nice voice....
  4. Your favorite music

    Groundhogs big band ..............Which beautiful surprise excellent musical culture !! I have many LPs, clearly reprints
  5. A new theme for hells?

    @BARZANY yes! (but I don't like the drawings) I would have chosen n. 1:)
  6. A new theme for hells?

    Beautiful ! but I don't like it ! n 1
  7. BC2 server new IP

    @Hawk since when?
  8. Get to know the Gypsy

  9. Get to know the Gypsy

    Usually when I can play between 1800s 21:00 local time in europe as well as all friends of the clan Vjey appartees living in India... lol
  10. Get to know the Gypsy

    to play together, I hope it saw the time zone, and my work shifts
  11. Ben_the_Gypsy's Membership Application

    Hi and well come I also play the guitar, to have fun what instrumentation do you have? sounds with a band? Favorite music styles? See you playing in the game on Bc2!
  12. Who are these profound voices? ahahahahahahahahh