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  1. DICE Community SQDM Tournament

    @eX-DariuS yes, it's fair. Thank you for reply!
  2. DICE Community SQDM Tournament

    Hey HELLSHAMMERS we got right now 7 clans Ready : FLY, GoSu, FFF, ALLBF, TWITCH, DOGTAGS, 80s Do you guys wanna take part???
  3. Hey HELLSHAMMERS, we got a DICE Sponsord, SQDM Tournament comming up where we will play with 8 clans against eachother! if your intrested to sign up with HELLS clan, contact us here, or on discord https://discord.gg/T78pd94, or steam, we already at the moment have 6 clans ready and signed up, FLY, ALLBF , FFF, TWITCH, DOGTAGS , GoSu, dates will be discussed with the spokespersons for each team and must be agreed upon with eachother!