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  1. Looks good guys ! Maybe i will do a compilation of me spawning on squad mates and getting knifed instantly
  2. please tell me that this does not happen often to you im not even sure what kills me the most out of a heli , either a sniper or some guy with slug . anyhow do you have a video of tracer darting an enemy soldier an killing him with RPG lock on ? thats one of my favorites !
  3. StarCraft II

    Hey guys just wanted to know if there happens to be someone who plays StarCraft 2 aswell. If so we could play some games together etc. (i´m 1o1 master3 on EU)
  4. StarCraft II

    Sweet , I am playing a little bit of 1v1 but mostly 2o2 with a friend of mine . Team games are sometimes really frustrating imo I cant add you via your name and key , i need your mail adress . otherwise you could add me , LukeFox #2457 would be cool if we were to play some games together
  5. Servus Leude !

    Hehey I just wanted to write a few things about myself and let you guys know who I am and so forth. My Name is Lukas , im 21 years old and currently im living in Dresden Germany . Im studying construction engineering and will not be finished before 2019 therefore i have a lot of time that i often times spend playing video games besides i enjoy having a good beer, hang out with friends and i am a coach for our american football youth team here in dresden , i used to play myself but cant anymore because of health issues. My favorite games are ,of course, Bad Company 2 ( if the rumours are true there is goign to be a BC3 i really hope EA doesnt F**k it up...) aswell as StarCraft 2 and some singeplayer stuff like Skyrim , old total war games etc. If there is anything else you would like to know either reply here or ask me if you see me on the teamspeak . Sincerely Lukas Fuchs
  6. About: Hehey whats up guys , name is Lukas im from Dresden Germany and hang around a lot on your BC2 servers. Invited by: No one did :( View full apply
  7. Lukfox's Membership Application

    Will do May i ask why we use discord instead of teamspeak ?
  8. Lukfox's Membership Application

    Thank you very much guys ! I´ve read the membership rules and just wanted to to ask , do i wait for an admin to reply in my application thread , or can i already make a post in "about yourself" ? to let you know who i am and so on ;-) @Hawk i´m more talkative when i´m playing drunk
  9. Lukfox

    Hehey whats up guys , name is Lukas im from Dresden Germany and hang around a lot on your BC2 servers.