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  1. hellshammers.net accounts available for all members !

    user: landola59 pass and details on PM enjoy !
  2. hellshammers.net accounts available for all members !

    ok i'm assuming your login will be 'deadpain' - added (details on PM).
  3. Another BC2 server?;)

    From all BC2 maps i found the Harvest Day to be the best when it's about team play, tactic and fun. It would be great if we can try Conquest Harvest Day only. It would be very popular across the public server list because it never gets boring. At least in my oppinion, i have the feeling that the idea wont last for long but still worth to try
  4. Server provider problems

    http://www.gamingdeluxe.co.uk/game-servers/bc2 I'm not sure if the pricing is okay but there will be no lags, stuttering or any issues. How do i know? I've played on OldMenGaming servers for a while and the experience was smooth all the time. (assuming this thread is still actual)
  5. Hello, Since now, any HeLLs member can have email / web account. If you want to have such account, please post your selected login and your current mail to which i will send login details. email account: your_login@hellshammers.net You can use webmail (roundcube): http://mail.hellshammers.net/ Or if you prefer using your favorite mail client, use settings below (based on Thunderbird mail client) to configure it: Incoming (IMAP): mail.hellshammers.net Port: 143 SSL: STARTTLS Authentication: Normal password username: your_login Outgoing (SMTP): mail.hellshammers.net Port: 587 SSL: STARTTLS Authentication: Normal password username: your_login If someone wants - email forwarding can be set so any mail that goes into your_login@hellshammers.net will be send to your_other@mail.account web space: you can upload your files via FTP to your website and then access it using following URL: http://your_login.hellshammers.net/- for example: http://hanka.hellshammers.net/ FTP Access: user: your_login FTP host: your_login.hellshammers.net for example: user: hanka host: hanka.hellshammers.net FTP port: 21 (default) Any file that you upload into "www/" directory will be accessible using URL as shown above. All files outside "www" stays private. That's it, enjoy
  6. Application Pitti_Sharp2

    HI!, i hope you play bc2 a lot [;
  7. Veichle respawn time Poll

    It's fine as it is.
  8. reason of my ban from EA

    Ouch, good they unbanned you
  9. List of HeLLs members who play BF4

    my soldier name is: snipeasmo you can add me to friends
  10. kicking

    Also when you want to make your teammate mad after he accidently teamkill you, just write in chat: "I wont punish you :)" BAM - punished ;]
  11. Rconnet ingame commands / and admins

    Hi, i would like to be admin on our BF4 server as im already great admin on our BC2 server
  12. List of HeLLs members who play BF4

    Do we have any ?
  13. new bf4 server

    I bought bf4 because of you !!!!!!111 ;D
  14. Souls counting incorrect.

    Hello all ! I have noticed that i had 275 souls yesterday, today i check and i have 5 souls, it got reset for some reason, other players reported to me same issue but i was not able to answer them why is that. Is that by design that after some peroid of time the souls counter reset? or bug ? If bug - can i get my 275 souls back ?! ;D i have few persons on hammer list and i want to hammer them but will be hard with just 5 souls again ;p
  15. Application by aimbooster

    Welcome aimboost !! I hope you will get accepted, you're good player, i can say that coz if you played W:ET for 6 years you must be good ^.^