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  1. WOT Players???

    I never played wot, but I play WOWs occasionally
  2. Help me translate

    Я бульбаш!
  3. Help me translate

    Брат хахол! <3
  4. Help me translate

    just use Swedish for finnish version
  5. Help me translate

    1. Вам нужно Зарегистрироваться и затем активировать ваш аккаунт с помощью email адреса указанного вами при регистрации 2. После вашей успешной регистрации, приходит время для того, чтобы заполнить вашу членскую анкету, для этого – кликните “Join Us Now ” ниже My russian is sux, but anyway it's more correct version
  6. Your game setup pictures (desk)

    only the needful things
  7. SW: Battlefront 3

    coz of star wars and dice fanboys
  8. SW: Battlefront 3

    bf4 is 2 y'old and it's still a beta, too. I know that they change something, add something, change balance etc etc But, of this beta, i already have representation of whole game and I didn't find anything what could hold my attention
  9. SW: Battlefront 3

    this game sucks

    Ban him please, today i saw him on lvlbf stream and he uses aimbot http://bf4db.com/players/10159661 http://metabans.com/player?i=K8Dd
  11. Hawxxy

  12. Anyone playing...

    i like tdm in bf3 but now there is no good servers, people just spam m320 and mortar... and this wonderful skydivers with c4 on noshahr canals. I tried to come back in bf3, but I could not. Maybe someday I try again