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  1. an infantry based server?

    Giants of karelia, hammerhead, operation mortar, wave breaker, propaganda, hainan resort, lancang dam.
  2. Member application

    Thank you guys for the most polite welcome! I guess i'll be seeing you guys more from now on, cheers!
  3. Member application

    -In Game name : MVDFVKN - Real Name: Janne -Age : 23 -Gender: M -Country/Location: Finland, Helsinki -What games are you playing and which game is your favourite : Battlefield 4. -Reason you want join Demonlords : I was invited by tonts4 and ninokkio + i thought it would be nice to belong amongst you . -Have you been in any other clans? : I was in a css clan, but that was way back like 8 years ago.. can't even remember the clans name anymore. -If yes which clan? and reason why you left the previous clan : I didn't exactly leave, the clan members just kinda went on their own paths and therefore it eventually became non existent.