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  1. introduction

    Welcome...but your top 5 stinks
  2. CSS: Custom skins

    I used to make my own skins but i really cant remember how i did it! I know we had skins with the clantags on it on our server back then.

    Group is created....now get your ass in there http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Demonlordsgamingcommunity#
  4. What's your dream game rig or gear?

    its not brand new but i still wouldnt mind the nec monitor

    i will set it up this weekend! im hurt as fuck after soccerpractice yesterday though so i fuckin cant stand sit or lay down for very long @GERElliot if you beat me to it then post here so we dont end up with 2 steamgroups!

    ffs douche read the forum http://demonlords.net/index.php?/topic/18-seam/ once your done you can delete this post
  7. Show off your arts!

    Thats some heavy stuff! A bit more advanced then what im used to but yeah i would concider it art!

    Well if this steamgroup now happens i think its good if everyone can add eachother (those that havnt already ofcourse) Plox dont spam this with crap. Just post your steamname/steamlink and make sure to add those above you! http://steamcommunity.com/id/Dazerator/
  9. Most common reasons people hack in games?

    Ager rages without hackers present
  10. Show off your tatts!

    I make anything look good. And the chicks go crazy about it (but dont tell my wife)
  11. Best Camoflauge Ever! :P

    That is just so wrong on so many levels!
  12. Show off your tatts!

    Some nice shit you got there white. I take it the first one is your sons name? Like your haircut to m8...same as me...easy as fuck to get the hair done in the morning I made my first when i was seventeen! My "son" just made his first at 16. But your never to old to start. I even got my first piercing a month ago at 41 B)
  13. Show off your tatts!

    And another one. freshly made on that pic...hence why u see some purple outlines still
  14. Show off your tatts!

    I got a bunch but this is the latest one!