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  1. Yea, they are the reason I rarely play league and when I do "/mute all" is the way to go
  2. Be careful with league, the community is shit, like reeal shit. I advise to use "/mute all" immediately every fricking game.
  3. Bf4 Community War Tommorow!

    I turned on the stream for few menutes, saw barzany 16/1 and ~200 ticket difference and turned it off
  4. cs go ranks

    Wow, that is some heavy climbing, any quick tips ? Or something to overcome the fear of droping rank ?
  5. cs go ranks

    Gratz man, how many wins you got ?
  6. Post your wallpaper!

    Ive bought it just recently and its already one of my favorite games. The scenery is just outstanding... died so many time just because I forgot to open my parachute looking at the beauty. But the choices I have to make are terrible...
  7. cs go ranks

    Hot damn thats one sexy group
  8. Hells owning!

  9. Post your wallpaper!

    Can already smell my pc burning
  10. Hells owning!

    Goddman, I am also double ak but I am usually the one getting carried Maybe I should play more... btw how did you get that HeLLs tag ?
  11. Post your wallpaper!

    Is that really ingame screen or some "fan art" ?
  12. cs go ranks

    double ak (boosted but dont tell anyone)
  13. Post your knife/knives

    YEA ! I once sold something for one key !
  14. Post your knife/knives

    Damn thats a lot of blue perfect for CT
  15. 7D2D server

    12€ worth or nah ? (not fan of early access games)