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  1. chatbox

    Darius or Barzany disabled chatbox for me like year ago when I am logged in... Could I please have it back? Or are you afraid of my influence?
  2. Help me translate this to your language

    Perkele can be translated as great grand-father of satan. @Mattozaa
  3. Darius fix your steam

    It is going nuts.
  4. BTW rush server is popular... What if not all from hells and du4 can't connect there because of full server withrandom people?
  5. Friendly BC2 Play Together

    You know nuffin. I have been thought by ager so I can handle everything.
  6. Friendly BC2 Play Together

    Yo guys, I know you don't like to play on weekdays. As red-slow said, we could do just a friendly match up, mix teams and not having actual clanwar so we don't have to have similar amount of players online.... Just for the fun and keep the real and honest communities active. @agerfanderfe, @eX-DariuS I am expecting you both to take a part
  7. Reetzweet No More HeLLs member

    He basically broke 1/2 of the forum rules. This community is not for politics or religious talk, neither any racism is accepted. HeLLs isn't like that and never will be.
  8. Reetzweet No More HeLLs member

    I am sorry for Dani and his friends but this was right action to do. I didn't want to have anything to do with him since we talked in WhatsApp about immigrants and problems with ISIS. He crossed the line of being critical and being racist too many times so I had to block him because I am sick of people who suspect everyone because of their religion or their nationality or political views.
  9. Active Noob's Membership Application

    True finn doesn't speak such heresy.
  10. I want to inform the sad news , unfortunately

    He played in the first clanwar against us when I was in hells. Joyful guy, kind person.
  11. I was Banned

    This is just bullshit... Do what ever you want, it is your bloody server anyway. Never thought hells would go into this way.
  12. I was Banned

    Daniel I usually think you don't talk shit but you should really not get into things you don't know rats ass. Who said we don't like russians? I am in a community which almost half of the members are russians and I don't prejudice them? Wtf is your problem?
  13. I was Banned

    No one knew he was russian until he said it himself. Now who is prejudicing who? Well what ever. Because of this case I told Adam to remove my admin rights because of disbelief on admins of hells server. I don't want to have anything to do with this.