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  1. DamienDawn

    Sieg HeLLs! ‚úč
  2. Whats Hells Fate?

    Chill your pajamas Mr. banana boi because when this baby hits 88 Jimmies, you're gonna see some serious rustling
  3. Cablekiller's Membership Application

    Tisk tisk tisk boys you don't want me to unleash the beast But otherwise welcome to HeLLs Cablekiller where women and children fear the dankest member of them all
  4. Haukka's Membership Application

    Wtf you don't drink beer fgt
  5. AndrasmaVeritas's Membership Application

    Tutti frutti summer love
  6. Share your favorite game OST

    4:11 best I know fuck this shit (CoD) but this music is nice Nicely remixed memories
  7. Doctor_Predator's Membership Application

  8. Clanwar against DU4 #2 (2nd try)

    Battle_mista Plox
  9. Post your wallpaper!

  10. Some infos about myself x)

    Welcome to the partey
  11. Poetry of mad men

    So here is a place of poetry and dreams or goals But is this also a good place for trolls? I know I don't have talent to make a song or two But I sure know my skills to troll the shit out of you! As I am passing by all these innocent souls I know they once will fall and be thorn up by ghouls I feel like I have power and I gain more light and strenght While roasting all the people with their miserable attempt The poor souls they cry, they suffer There isn't a way out And you better never know what we are talking here about. As I walk down the alley all the jokes belong to me People bowing to my existance as far as the eye can see Sure you can try to restrain me From such terrible stuff But as you know a troll like me never has enough Now step aside and watch me go No way to stop me now. But if you wish to get to me You better think out how Because I damn assure you You will be trolled by dawn
  12. Big thanks from HeLLsHammers

    Oi lad you forgot to mention me bisch >:O jk I would also like to thank Mr. Skeltal for good calcium and strong bones which keeps our members sane and able to play very good finger bones are very inportant so remember guys a lot of milk and bananas will make your gaming bones strong but it sadly wont give you a boner and don't forget to thank mr. Skeltal when you have a chance!
  13. Anything you want for Christmas?

    I want a Russian military helicopter, MI 24 Hind, with spelling Mista on it so people would know who's coming to visit, also I'd like it in black color because I like black color and I want also a white skull painting on the sides, because it looks cool af. Also a note for Santa if you try to bring the heli through the chimney I know you have some Swiggitty swooty magic tricks to bring it in but how the fuck would I bring it out? So please leave it in front of my house and also add a helipad so I can land this thing you know. Then all the people would be like: ''oh holy shit look at that!'' and I'll be like ''ayy lmao'', and fly off to work or to hang out with friends maybe or get free beer in the bar and they'll be like: ''hey you need to pay for that!'' and I'll just fly in front of them blowing all the tables and chairs away with the wind produced by my helicopter wings and they'll be like: ''would you like some salty sticks with that beer?''. Then I would land and say: ''I would love that, thank you''. And when I would go to the store I'd land it on a parking spot and some guys would come to complain: ''hey! you can't put that here it's for cars only!'' and I'll shoot my rocket and blow up their cars and say ''Sorry what cars? I don't see any...''. Life would be so perfect with one of these so please Santa grant my wish I've been a good boy this year
  14. Is there someone you always disagree with?

    I don't disagree with anyone because I am always right and if I am not, I am. So if you disagree with me there is the fire go burn yourself or I will push you into it myself
  15. Impulzer's Membership Application

    Welcome to my playground