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  1. Hellshammers » League of Legends Team

    Today im up for couple games @ 18:00-21:00, maybe earlier.
  2. Hellshammers » League of Legends Team

    Still up for random games sometimes. Everyday gaming is not possible anymore. At the moment im going trough my placement games in EUW ranked, 4W 0L and 6 games left. Heading for gold this season. Ranked team is up again, i can invite everyone who wants in (lvl30).
  3. Hellshammers » League of Legends Team

    Can you both add me? We can play normal 5v5 sometimes and practice together. I think that S5 dont give right image of my skill level, ive had so bad lucks in first games every season and got placed so damn bad.. not enough time to play ranked so much to get higher division. Maybe we can plan something for next season?
  4. Hellshammers » League of Legends Team

    Looks quiet here.
  5. Heroes of the Storm

    I play it.
  6. Hellshammers » League of Legends Team

    Assault diver...? hmm? ADC?
  7. Hello! I got an idea (permission granted from WhiteWolf) to start League of Legends Team for Hells Hammers. Now everyone who plays League of Legends @ West, hands up! Our goal is to get atleast 5 players and start play together in same party and see how things are rolling. If we are doing good we can move to ranked and so on. If there is someone, who have never played LoL before, thats not problem. I can teach new players and we can play just for fun. Searching: - Top laner - Middle laner - Jungle - AD Carry - Support I personally can play each role but i mainly go as ADC. If you got interested pls contact me trough steam, origin, battlelog, LoLclient, tap a shoulder on streets... your choice! Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SluffinDisturbator Origin/Battlelog: Disturbator LoL - West: Sluffinator
  8. anyone plays bf3 ?

    I do. I still love it. Still ranked 2nd in my favourite games.
  9. Member Application

  10. Heyyy guys!

    Liewec played BF3 with us in "Battlefield3Suomi" community long long time ago... i think 2011-2012? After BF3Suomi i joined NR-Gaming and now here
  11. Demonlords new logo

    Architectural. Only software i use for mechanical engineering is Inventor Professional.
  12. Your favorite music

    Vinnie Paz, most legendary rapper in this world (after Eminem)
  13. Heyyy guys!

    Good old times! (Sorry video is in Finnish...)
  14. Demonlords new logo

    Nice. AutoCAD. Thats what i use in my job as design assistant and other Autodesk's softwares.
  15. A new gamer applied to demonlords ( Disturbator )

    Sure thing i remember you. Thanks, i appreciate that.