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  1. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    Hey guys, sorry been afk ish, been working alot and my work pattern is shite which is not going to change which means I will now be around more in the evening where as before i worked up till 9 pm at night. Been having some good games with @ONEMANARMY, picked iot up so well, I'll be on this evening @GERElliot also if you want to rteam up and we can make some fucks alt f4. Catcha laters guys
  2. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    I'll be on tomorrow night
  3. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    some excellent games last night with @ONEMANARMY the mans a natural at the game, was kicking more ass than i was when i first started out
  4. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    I'm on for a few hours if anyone is up to it, got the requests off @ONEMANARMY and @GERElliot
  5. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    All good mate, i stopped using skype a while back, bloody thinks a virus magnet. I love the suspense of the game My uplay is PeppaPigKilla
  6. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    same name for Uplay ?
  7. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    you wont be disappointed
  8. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    games blown up huge on the esports scene and ubi have already said they have plans top support this game past 5 years
  9. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    yeah you will get the lastest version, worth every penny https://r6stats.com/stats/uplay/peppapigkilla my stats
  10. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    get the cheaper version, not missing out on anything, no DLC as thats all released free. Season pass is £25 a year and all you get is the operators a week before everyone else and an extra 5% renown on matches.
  11. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    wow, they are huge, they need resizing :/
  12. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    Games great fun mate, even more with friends. couple of my best moments
  13. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    the starter will do, just means you need to work a little harder thats all. destinations still the same place.
  14. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    DLC is included in base price. Only thing thats extra is season pass which doesnt really give any benefits other than all operators a week early, its really just a way to support the game. No pay walls
  15. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    I'll have to add you on uplay as thats what I play it from, ewven if you get it through steam still gotta go through uplay