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  1. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    This evening i play R6 with @N1colasCage just join teamspeak;) we start around 7pm GMT+1 @VANUCCI@ONEMANARMY
  2. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    and i'm online today just check teamspeak
  3. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    Accepted you both in uplay
  4. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    checked Uplay again haven't got any friend request.
  5. Rainbow 6 [PC] Players

    Yup @eX-DariuS is right stn and me are playing it. At the moment most of the time only casual expect we got 5 people together for rank. He is gold and I'm boosted platin(normal gold) sTn243 his uplayname GERDjElliot my uplayname but just write here if you added us and tell us your name. Most of the time uplay bugs at adding friends....
  6. ARK Survival Evolved server

    I wait for a sale + more bug fixes and that could be next game
  7. Origin Account ID's(BF1)

  8. Our BF1 Server is Online

    be careful if you got a nvidia graphic card. They fucked up the latest driver:D Some people only got around 12 fps in rainbow six siege + max 50% usage of the gpu^^
  9. Our BF1 Server is Online

    Next time wait longer.. told ya it sucks at the beginning:D If they gonna fix the shit later it is ok but right now it is fucking useless to host a server:D "rent a server now and you can rename it + adjust a 4-5 settings. Have you heard about the best advantage hosting a server? you can even choose the region where it should be! No no no useless country setting, only setting a region! You see its so easy, get your server today!"
  10. Skyrim Special Edition

    We will see. At the moment it is bugged for me(21:9) will check it out later when Flawless Widescren listed the special edition that i can enjoy it in 21:9.
  11. Battlefield 1 review

    he is always making the best reviews
  12. Skyrim Special Edition

    Already got it in my games list, but it is only interesting for people which can't mod/haven't got a good pc to handle all mods^^
  13. Fighter94's Membership Application

    nvm forget what i said, i will remove his rights next time he is on teamspeak. btw just asking the right questions: why got a denied trial hells group + hells admin group on teamspeak?
  14. Fighter94's Membership Application

    I'm not talking about full members but nvm talk with him on teamspeak if you see him. He is there with me most of the time^^ btw serious questions 2month inactivity as a trial here is still accepted?