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  1. Free games

    Hey, I sent you a message or at least I think i did! I hope it sent to right person. It's good to see you all again and don't worry, nothing is wrong.
  2. Free games

    I have this game now, since it's free and played it at least once. The pacing was awkward for me, very slow - I don't like slow - though a lot of people I know said they liked it a lot. It felt disconcerting going in one direction/path, only to have it end in a dream. Was it a dream!? And, then restarting, to to speak. I left the classroom, poked around some different doors, went into a bathroom, saw some girl get shot by this rich kid - respawned in classroom, it was a dream. Saved progress, quit, never went back. So I guess about 30 minutes of game play time. Which is a lot for me on any new game now. Still worth checking out. I like how they don't spoon-feed you everything and you have to pry around different areas to look for clues. And, really if you do just one thing different, it can potentially make a difference in what path you are able to take. Possibly I will play again later if i can sit still long enough
  3. First thing you do every morning?

    I'm gone an hour and this is where it goes?
  4. First thing you do every morning?

    hehe! Nice to see you all again. I'm rarely in games or forums much these days. It has been very busy at work this past few months, some new projects. I am working 20 hours a day. Very likely, everything will settle into a normal routine and I will have more time for forums and games then P.S. I told my coworker about you and gave your forum link. He likes games too. That sounds like too much work I think I would rather just sleep That happened to me this morning. :/ I woke up to the screaming alarm clock, which said 7 AM. And, i was like Nooooooooooooooo! because that's an hour late But it turned out that my clock was set forward an hour, so it was only 6:00 AM which is the exact right time to wake up
  5. First thing you do every morning?

    Best of luck! I am not much for working out since we moved houses. I am just taking it easy for a year and then going to scramble to the gym Coffee, yes! Pushups no! I am glad you can be so awake in the morning.
  6. First thing you do every morning?

    I can find no holes in this logic.
  7. First thing you do every morning?

    Punching? You're being too gentle. Alarm clocks are evil... but necessary. If i could shut off the computer before midnight and go to sleep, then I would not need an alarm clock anymore. Lately, one stupid game is taking over my life and keeping me up till about 1 am :/
  8. Your game setup pictures (desk)

    I like this set up with two monitors, though I think I would put a game on and forget to check that monitor because I was so busy watching Netflix on the other screen :/
  9. First thing you do every morning?

    This morning was stupid Daylight savings time start, 'spring forward', so I had to set clock forward by one hour before bed - which translated to one less hour sleep. Not sure why they still do Daylight savings time here, it's not really relevant. Why? So we get one extra hour of daylight? Maybe some of us don't like daylight? or, prefer living in a cave. Leave my clock alone! I went to sleep before 10 pm and woke up at '6 am' - technically 5 am. Still groggy. :(
  10. Your Dreams.

    Good luck with your goal At the moment, I don't have any extensive dream, except to finally get moved into a new house. I had one picked out before and the situation fell through and everytime I find a house I really love, there is some new glitch and I am not able to move into it. Just really sick of the house hunting process now and want a house to fall to earth in front of me, ready to move in with no hassle. I know it's not that easy :(
  11. Free games

    I love Humble Bundles. Do you know if any of the games on this bundle are worth playing? I guess for the price, even just one or two games makes it worth having.
  12. Steam Games: Free Weekend

    Sorry for the necro-post but if anyone knows of free Steam game weekend stuff going on soon - Friday coming up - please let me know. I'm always missing out now and only find out on Sunday night or too late to actually play the free game/weekend. :/
  13. Busy as Hell (get it? )

    We always had snow when I lived up in Watertown NY. Though since I moved away, friends tell me there are some nice warm times of year. I think they are crazy. Hopefully weather is nice in your area soon too.
  14. First thing you do every morning?

    I'm on the computer within a minute of waking up. Sometimes, I fall asleep with the laptop next to me (closed), so it's easy just to wake up and get online/in game. Some mornings, I don't leave my bedroom for an hour after I wake up. I miss early morning coffee - still feel groggy without it.
  15. Nightshifts are hell(s)

    At one time, I lived most of my life on the overnight shift - so much so that I had to shop at midnight for groceries Now that I have a daytime job, I'm waking up around 5AM and super tired by about 8PM :/ Though I still have lots of gamer friends who are night owls and staying up all night and they want me to stay up past midnight with them. :/ At least, I am seeing more sunlight now and a chance to go outdoors (assuming I actually wanted to)