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  1. New Domain

    So, i already wrote on chatbox, but will do it here also. I got emailead today that this domain will expire in 60days if not renewed
  2. Request: Edit Server Startup.ini

    we have exact same trouble with BF3, and that is bug in procon, servers are named like that, but procon always reverts name back to .net. Not sure what to do with it.
  3. Autostart BC2 Layers, when DediBox reboots?

    Lookslike im gonna install that firedaemon in weekend
  4. Autostart BC2 Layers, when DediBox reboots?

    They can be set as automatc but i will look more to it next time i have spare time. I think im gonna install firedaemon there so u can start them by your self fish.
  5. Talking about layer service for BFBC" not BF2
  6. Made that already right after extra memory was installed
  7. And how we should care about that? call 911? i thought u know that we are running them from our own dedi so not so hard to click mouse button to recover server if some script kiddo (not like you cuz ur more noob on hacks as u have to buy them) decides to take a role as mightysuperior hacker and wipe server. Prolly after that he goes in some noobxor forums and yell there "i made it, i destroyed their whole server" and after 5 mins.... voíla, server is back

    Hey guys, chill out, ofc if you have done something what fits better to our needs then go for it... fuck sake, already drunk and my english is bad enuff even without any alco
  9. Lumpy´s new babe ;)

    naa, everyone canb make their own^^
  10. Lumpy´s new babe ;)

    Its Derbi 50cc. Bought it from my son as it cant be registered anymore without paying those huge taxes. Taxes why? Cuz in finland if you get busted with the moped what is tuned enough u have to pay those taxes for it to use it as 125cc Its top speed is aprox 95-100kmh now, but have been planning to tune it bit more
  11. Home

    "Home" navbar button fixed
  12. Lol i know that this is a bit missleading headline but thought that everyone will read this when its like that. Got negotiated to double our dedi memory, so they will take it down when they install that extra. It means that ALL our services will be down that while, including TS3. It shouldnt take too long and i will update this thread once i know any schedule of this.
  13. Lumpy´s new babe ;)

    Little update as its already getting to look better than yesturday
  14. Lumpy´s new babe ;)

    Got babys electrics fixed and was able to hit a road today Had fun, no bones broken... so far... Still lot to do with her
  15. HeLLs BFBC2 Community to weak?

    LoL, we could get rid of another BC2, but i still prefer to keep 1 of them. We have only 1 BF3 server and thats the one i wanna keep.