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  1. NR Gaming DayZ SA server

    Ill be there soon as iget the game maybe this weekend lets see
  2. Pretty clear.. :)

    u forget one class Hawk. I usely am. A rogue sniper.
  3. NR-Gaming.eu

    im sure u guys will think a good name just dont take any advises from Archi.
  4. Hey to everyone.

    Hey mate and good to see clans are working together. Also thanks for the vip and the sniper limit system. Yeah we will help to fill it up, locker is a good place to rank up and unlock weapons and stuff to them.
  5. urgent

    But gotta say that guilin peaks and dragon pass are best maps in china rising and i really like them.
  6. urgent

    U need to set server that if someone uses exposives he gets kicked if he uses them. Smoke,flares and flasbangs okey.
  7. BF4?

    Fuck em all. No idea keep server if one of the clan plays it.
  8. BF4 premium

    origin baby origin.
  9. New sniper limit feature

    setrver is running by it self filling up nicely so if this limit is not helping that we have to disable it.
  10. Here is weapon comparion for every gun in battlefield 4. My favorite gun was always A91 from BF 3 but now i realize that first carbine AK5C is the best carbine in the game. BF4 Weapon charts (Damage, accuracy, etc.) | Symthic
  11. Server settings

    making it HC and no minimap im happy
  12. Procon or RconNet?

    I dont care u guys choose im just a sponsor
  13. new bf4 server

    lol archi so thats why your color is yellow i hope u are not raping people there unlegal otherwise i wont play there
  14. post bc2 cheaters here

    lol Archi
  15. bf4

    defo buy for me polish bf3 not matter to me if they have made it better. Miss the action!!!