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  1. Hellshammers Takistan server

    What kind of Takistan Server was it ? Wasteland , Dayz ? Me and Rage maybe able to help out with that
  2. CS GO Teamspeak

    Wow did not expect all that tbh, Anyways guys don't really know whats been going on at HeLLs Lately but as far as I can gather HeLLs and Demonlords have merged. So in my opinion if use have merged it should be all the same CLan/Community, In my experience which is about 10-15 years running clans and being involved with clans/community's use cannot be 2 names HeLLs/Demonlords if use are now 1. Causes to much shit use need to go with just 1 name, I Prefare HeLLs myself lol but its not my call and as some of you may know I was HeLLs so I am going to say stick with HeLLs. So the main admins from HeLLs and Demonlords should get together have a coke and a smile and try sort it out. As from the outside looking in its like if I am a potential wannabe member its like who am I joining HeLLs or Demonlords ? 1 name = getting bigger and everyone playing with everyone on different games, Anyways I am just trying to help you guys out if I can. I have also made use guys this CS GO Server for practise or whatever use want to do with it, I will sent all the details to Lando and Drunker and if use need any help adding admins, mods , ect lets me or Ragemonkey know and we will be glad to help use. Also your teamspeak is pretty easy to sort out just create competitive go channels with max 5 slots on the channel. Sorted no one can join the channel if your with a full team doing comps yepee
  3. CS GO Teamspeak

    Yo guys just for future if anyone does not know the HeLLs TeamSpeak for CS GO is but I am kinda wondering why you guys have a different TS for CS are use not better everyone in the same teamspeak ?
  4. dayz overpoch

    Sorry also meant to say you need to join through port 7301 and not 7302, Or you wont be able to join the serevr also we have a CS GO server and a Arma 3 wasteland server if you want them changed to HeLLs. Also will change the ip to the new 1 on the loading screen, Also at BDC we are more a community than a clan but most of us play competitive GO so we don't care if our servers are busy or empty as we have a dedi. So if anyone at HeLLs has any suggestions for a server we can run it for use no probs, Drunk , Hawk where is my VIP tag lol
  5. dayz overpoch

    hey guys I will add this loading screen for now, Also if anyone wants anything added to that server let me know

    Ager added
  7. Nixumoi's application for member!

    Welcome to the Hells forums, Sorry but i have to say i will not be giving you a trial with Hells as your age is a big problem for me and alot of members now. As we are a 18+ Clan if you were maybe 17 i might have considered you, So i am afraid to say sorry no trial. You are more than welcome to play on any of our servers though, So thxs for applying and showing your interest but we are looking for older members
  8. Autostart BC2 Layers, when DediBox reboots?

    I will look into it for you m8, As in my view it does not help the servers if dedi does need to update and reboot and they turn off. Maybe thats 1 of the reasons the BF servers are not as busy anymore if people are joining and they are not turned on, Like i said though i am pretty new to the BF servers so i still need to do some homework m8
  9. Dayz teams

    I think there should only be 1 rule , The main bases are safe zones no killing in the bases and everything else goes
  10. have a good one Freak

    Have a good day Freak and Happy birthday m8
  11. Dayz teams

    Hey guys being getting a bit boring lately , We need some action so we are making 2 teams hero or bandit it does not matter. So when teams are decided anyone on the other team beware, So please post in this thread which team you want to be in, My team or Xguns team so please post here which team you want to be in. If the teams are un even you may get switched but plz post as from monday there will be killing lol

    Dayz Admins these guys have always been Admins there, New 1 Sullivan Just been added Commando Xgun Sullivan Novus Panic Dan Tontsa
  13. Events in Wasteland, again !

    Yeah i am in for some of that , A tank battle would be cool stilen
  14. Arma 3: DayZ Mod

    Have already seen it m8, They mostly use the breaking point mod on arma 3 just now. Which is mega buggy as fuck and even on arma 2 breaking point is bugged to fuck m8, Thats why its not an Official Dayz mod because its a waste of time m8 stilen
  15. Wtf lol are you saying you have already made the BF2 server lumpy ? As i have been doing my homework on this a bit lol. Or are you taking about the ProCon layers on BFBC2 server stilen